Monitor Speed, Temperature & Voltage of Internal Cooling-Fan, CPU And Other Hardware Components With SpeedFan

SpeedFan is a very useful application for monitoring performance of hardware parts of a computer from Windows . Within minutes, this softwar...

Monitor-Speed,-Temperature-&-Voltage-of-Internal-Cooling-Fan,-CPU-And-Other-Hardware-Components-With-SpeedFan-(6)SpeedFan is a very useful application for monitoring performance of hardware parts of a computer from Windows. Within minutes, this software can collect and display information about the cooling fan, processor temperature/voltage, hard drive speed and many other components. Using SpeedFan requires a little bit technical knowledge about hardware, otherwise there is no way to correctly interpret the information displayed. That means, you can still use it but you will not be able to figure out what it says or even what it does. But its interface is very user friendly and hopefully you can get some very basic info like Fan Speed, CPU Temperature etc. without that much knowledge. However you shouldn’t (or mustn’t) use the options for configuring the motherboard clock speed (for overclocking) if you do not have perfect knowledge about it or your are completely sure of what you are doing, otherwise your CPU may just burn up, for example. Finally, SpeedFan creates charts to help you to monitor the effectiveness of changes, allowing you to choose the best settings easily. In addition of monitoring Fan Speed and Voltage of the computer, SpeedFan is also capable of measuring the temperature of the machine and let you control cooling fan for optimum temperature. Using SpeedFan, you can save lot’s of energy and create a Echo-Friendly power saving PC as well as reduce CPU noise while running. More to read.

Although SpeedFan has a simple interface but it’s highly informative and very functional. SpeedFan categorizes similar types of tools and show then under same tab, allowing the user to quickly find the functionality you want. The information is mostly displayed in graph form or list form which makes it easier to understand the data.


To get started, download SpeedFan and then install it. Once you finishes installation, run the app. The application takes some time during startup since it needs to do a full scan on the computer in search of components to be monitored. However, the program is fast well enough and efficient in performing the tasks. In the Readings tab, you will see summary information about CPU usage, temperature and components found on the computer. In addition, this tab also has a Configure button which allows the user to change some options of the application such as colors of the interface, items to be displayed and others.


From the Clock tab, you will have access to all options of the motherboard and can perform overclocking. It stores almost all information and tools that will help you to Overclock your motherboard. You can do an Automatic Clock control from here too. Although changing clock speed can bring serious consequence, so only use this application option if you really know what you're doing.


The Info tab shows ChipSet name, DIMM info and more others.


The next tab named Exotics gathers information about the most superficial components of the computer. If makes it easier to monitor your Hardware current status from here as this tab displays almost all important information of Hardware component and updated real-time.


The S.M.A.R.T. tab allows you to check HDD model, framework and simple benchmarking test for your Hard disk.


In Charts, you can view information about temperatures, fan speed and voltages of each component of the PC. The difference between other tabs with this is data are displayed in graphical form (Line chart), making it much easier to understand what is happening.

With just one application you can view dozens of information about the computer, monitor your hardware performance as well as overclock your system if really necessary. SpeedFan is a good freeware program to keep an eye on the hardware components of your Computer. It works perfectly on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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