Snapster: An Instagram Alternate With Brilliant Image Capture Tool With Pre-Determined Filter [iPhone]

Snapster is a brilliant free Instagram alternate of iPhone that allows you to capture images from your camera quickly and then edit them e...

Snapster-An-Instagram-Alternate-With-Brilliant-Image-Capture-Tool-With-Pre-Determined-Filter-[iPhone]-1Snapster is a brilliant free Instagram alternate of iPhone that allows you to capture images from your camera quickly and then edit them easily. It provides a button in the center of the screen, which makes the catch at the same instant you press it, without any delay. However, the main feature of Snapster is the fact that it lets you take pictures with a color filter selected. That is, you can choose a landscape and take a photo of the site using an aged effect to make the scene even more beautiful. After taking the photo, you can use the various editing tools offered by Snapster to work with the image appearance. It is possible to add frame, modify the color scheme to apply texture and even increase or decrease the brightness of the catch. More to read.

The process of taking pictures and applying filters with Snapster is really fast. It captures images more conveniently than the native image capture tool in iOS. A feature to choose effect/filter before capturing images is also available here. Another feature it the various options available tools to edit the appearance of photographs, which are offered for you to apply the changes so you capture the image.  But the best part is that all these features Snapster really work. You can feel the differences generated by the applications as soon as you select them, without delay or difficulty.

The option to choose five different resolutions to save your picture also helps to adjust the file size to what you really need, without running the risk of using a very large space in memory when there is no real need for it.  For people wishing to use the Snapster the iPad's, you must note to the screen size, because the application was developed for smaller devices like the iPhone. Therefore, the program interface will not occupy all the display. This is the only negative feature of the software.


After the edits are made, you can save the result, storing only the effects created and not the photograph itself. This is because, besides you can choose the filters that are already available in Snapster, you can also build their own, setting the tone that will prevail over the photograph and the amount of brightness that will be used.


When the edits are ready and you're already satisfied with the outcome, you can choose five different options for a resolution to save the edited photos. In addition, you can also open images directly in Instagram and share them through the application.


  • 40 preset filters.
  • Create your own custom filters.
  • Change tones and contrast by using curves tool.
  • Frame and texture are changeable.
  • Import images from photo library
  • Save high resolution photo.
  • Separate focus and exposure controls. Simply touch with a 2nd finger while focusing to adjust exposure until your shot is perfect.
  • Share photos on Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Tumblr and Twitter.
  • Send photos from Snapster directly to Instagram and other apps.

Snapster is a stunning free photo capture tool for iPhone. It works on iOS 5 or later and is available for free on iTunes App Store.

Download Snapster for iOS

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