Undelete/Recover Deleted Files (Picture, Music, Video, Docs, Archives etc.) From HD Or Removable Media Via Recuva

Many times we delete real important files by accident, that’s nothing you or I can stop. Things happens sometimes even if you are a real car...

UndeleteRecover-Deleted-Files-Picture,-Music,-Video,-Docs,-Archives-etc-From-HD-Or-Removable-Media-Via-Recuva-()Many times we delete real important files by accident, that’s nothing you or I can stop. Things happens sometimes even if you are a real careful person. So don’t be surprised to discover that you have just accidently deleted any important files or favorite music or even memorable pictures. Also, don’t get too upset thinking that you have lost it, because you didn’t. If you know how the file deletion method works then you will not really be surprised to get your deleted files back. While we delete any file for our HD, we really don’t DELETE it, we just command the system to mark that place (Sector) as empty so that other files can be stored it that place. Even if you replace the sector with other files, that sector yet contains strings and bytes of previous files and using a file recovery software, you can recover most of them. Recuva is such an amazing and free (and portable) file recovery tool for Windows that can recover images, music's, videos, compressed files, documents and emails. Just make the HD scan with Recuva to restore anything, to search for any type of file that has been lost lately. More to read.


Recuva is a real lightweight program with small downloadable package. Ease of usage of Recuva is real is very simple, because it doesn’t requires many steps or manual settings for your operation. Its interface is very friendly and easily understandable and the program operates in a single window. The menus and commands of this tool are very intuitive and lean. When the program is opened (if you haven’t deactivated it), it has a simple wizard to help you every step of the operation, which leaves the program and self-explanatory. The program works perfectly and functions effectively because it doesn’t require technical knowledge to use and does not involve complex processes. Although you cannot completely recover a file you have deleted very long time ago and the sectors are overwritten many times after then, still Recuva can be used to recover recently deleted files. It can recover almost any types of files and it works remarkably faster then other tools of the same genre. Also unlike other similar tool, it is completely free for personal usage and portable as well.

Once you start the program, the guidance wizard will open to guide you through the process. Click Next here. Then from the file type window, select what types of file you want to recover. If you are not sure about the file type of recover all types of files, then select Other and click Next.


Then select the estimated location of the files you want to recover. Recuva can recover any types of remove able devices like pen-drive, memory card or iPod (except for CDs). Select any directory to scan and click on Next.


Now if you have deleted those files quite sometimes ago or want to recover files you deleted using file shredding tool, check Enable deep scan option. Otherwise click Start.


Now Recuva will scan and analyze bytes and headers stored it the sector of that directory. Depending on the directory size it might take sometime.


Once done, you will be shown all deleted files marked with three different colors in the list form. If the marker is red, the file is almost unrecoverable. The yellow indicates that there is some risk in this recovery file and you might receive damaged files and finally the green marker means the file is completely able to be recovered. Click on any files here to check it’s status, header data and more.


Select files you want to recover for batch recovery. Then click on Recover and select destination folder. Recuva will then start recovering your files.


Click on Option to activate some features like Deep Scan (Improves possibility of recovering files), Show securely deleted files and also Restore folder structure to recover files as they were saved in file tree.


During our test, Recuva was able to successfully recover images, musics and compressed files. Although it looks a bit unstable as the application hangs several times and needs to be restarted, yet it’s one of the real useful tool to recover deleted files we have used so far. Recuva works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and we also tested it successfully on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Download Recuva


  1. Brilliant! Completely brilliant and real useful timing! I was searching for this from yesterday and cannot find anything free and working before this one! Now you saved my life!! Thank you very much.

  2. This program is excellent. Accidentally deleted an important file by using Shift + Delete and spent tightening. Similar programs all had to pay, this was the one who solved my problem very simply. I am grateful to its developers!

  3. Free software are effective sometime but in most of the cases, it makes your data undetectable or non recoverable. You have only one chance to recover your deleted or formatted data. So always chose wisely the best software either free or paid..

    However, Thanks a ton  Suggesting for nice steps.


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