Smart Optimization Box: Improve Performance & Productivity Of Your Android

Smart Optimization Box is one of the most complete applications currently available for you to optimize and improve the performance of your ...

Smart-Optimization-Box-Improve-Performance-&-Productivity-Of-Your-Android-2Smart Optimization Box is one of the most complete applications currently available for you to optimize and improve the performance of your device with Android. The program includes several tools that allow you to increase the battery life of your gadget, kill processes, optimize RAM, clear the cache, moving applications to the memory card and more. Smart Optimization Box is a collection of tools that allows you to optimize and improve the technical aspects of their gadget with Android. Thus, it is possible to extend the battery life and significantly improve the performance of the device. The app's interface is highlighted by soft colors and well organized resources. Each category opens a range of further enhancements, but without losing focus on simplicity. Various graphics and dynamic bars allow you a sense of palpable results.


The battery optimizer displays some basic information, as well as eco mode that allows you to enable or disable features of the apparatus with the aim of reducing energy consumption. The options, which include changes in the brightness of the display and disabling network protocols, allow you to adjust it as needed. The System management feature performs a traditional clean the unnecessary processes running in the background on your device, freeing up RAM and processor usage decreasing. Still, you can clear the cache to increase the available space in memory. As with all optimizers that do not require root to run, the improvement in performance is not very noticeable, being more efficient uninstall programs that consume too many system resources.


Other features like the ability to uninstall apps, moving files to the SSD card, set the volume and brightness of the gadget are also available, although not reporting anything new - with its own operating system already allows for these actions. In summary, Smart Optimization Box is a great tool for resource management to Android.Although the features are quite common and the results obtained with the optimizations do not impress, organized and intuitive interface should delight those seeking an easy to use and yet comprehensive and effective.


  • Battery service management
    Know the battery service condition and to see whether to start Eco mode.
  • System management
    Provide system optimization, program termination and cache files deletion. If your cell phone runs slowly, try this to get it better and faster!
  • Uninstall
    Remove all kinds of apps easily.
  • Histories deletion
    Delete search record in browsers, SMS/MMS.
  • APP 2 SD
    Move your apps to SD card (or to phone memory).
  • Volume settings
    Change settings related to sound and volume.
  • Brightness settings
    Set screen brightness concerning the battery power. Please set it according to the device’s condition.
  • Widget (various shortcuts, switch-type) -
    Smart Optimization Box has: App shortcut/Wi-Fi switch/GPS switch/Bluetooth switch/Flight mode switch/Turning control switch/Battery indicator shortcut/Brightness control/Sound mode /volume/System optimization/Widget color setting

Smart Optimization Box is an all-in-one easy to use freeware system utility tool for Android to make your Smartphone more productive by optimizing it’s performance, apps and more. Smart Optimization Box works on Android 2.2 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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