Bitdefender Power Tune-Up: Optimize Power Management & Performance To Save Battery [Android]

Tired of seeing your smartphone runs out of battery when you need it? Can not stand the slowness caused by too much useless information accu...

Bitdefender-Power-Tune-Up-Optimize-Power-Management-&-Save-Battery-[Android]-2Tired of seeing your smartphone runs out of battery when you need it? Can not stand the slowness caused by too much useless information accumulated over time? So say goodbye to the days of suffering and see your phone back to being as good as when he left the box. We have previously shared some tips to make Android’s battery last long. We have also featured some tool to boost Android’s battery. Today we are featuring another great tool to make Android’s battery to consume less power called Power Tune-Up from Bitdefender. At a time when smartphones consume more energy, Bitdefender Power Tune-Up is a great choice for those who want to get the most out of your cell phone. Eliminating junk files that accumulate with continued use, the application really is a great way to get your phone like new. Managing everything that consumes energy and takes up space unnecessarily, the application provides a streamlined interface that makes everything just a touch away. Even those who are not accustomed to doing these cleaning devices will easily adapt to the style presented.


Contrary to what one might imagine, the absence of several menus for each function makes it very simple. By accessing the data area, for example, a small wheel allows you to view only the content cache, installation, downloads or simply everything. Thus, fly do not need to transit through several screens, just by turning the tip of your finger to see everything that is needed. Bitdefender Power Tune-Up is an application that will help you a lot of time to service your appliance and make you pay a lot more time than usual. For this, he brings several really useful tools.



From the outset, the program provides an indicator that warns you of your device has been improved. When you run it the first time, the image is yellow in color, calling his attention. With this, the app will check some data in the system to know if any problem, and let them faster by removing unnecessary files. This is done in two specific partitions: a storage area and its own smartphone SD card. By analyzing the content, the application itself indicates how much space is being consumed in each program installed on both cache and full size. May seem no great importance, but, as in computers, makes a big difference in the final performance.


Another highlight is the power manager. Through Bitdefender Power Tune-Up, you can turn on or off various features of your device, prolonging your battery. Thus, on one screen, you manage your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Connectivity. You can still end up with notifications that sacrifice energy unnecessarily. You know that warning that the battery is running out? It can be removed with a single tap.

Bitdefender Power Tune-Up is no offense a great tool to manage power settings of Android device. Bitdefender Power Tune-Up is a full free tool works on Android 2.2 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

Download Bitdefender Power Tune-Up

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