Check Registry Entries & Temp Files Of Installed Programs And Uninstall Software With Cleanup Service Via Install Monitor

Even after uninstalling, many programs leave behind lot’s of configuration files or libraries and registry data they used. Over time, after ...

Check-Registry-Entries-&-Temp-Files-Of-Installed-Programs-And-Uninstall-Software-With-Cleanup-Service-Via-Install-Monitor-3Even after uninstalling, many programs leave behind lot’s of configuration files or libraries and registry data they used. Over time, after installing and removing so many applications, the space occupied by this junks begins to get hold of a large part of HD. Those files are no use to your system rather then creating obstacles in system performance. You can manually delete this useless content, but this is not an easy task. That's why there are applications like Install Monitor only to uninstall other applications. With it, you can easily uninstall an application with it’s own uninstaller and the delete the files left behind faster and more efficiently. Although not yet very famous on the internet, Install Monitor for Windows showed really great use during our test. It is easy to use, effective and most importantly it’s free. In addition to save space on disk, the program does not interfere with anything in the operating system performance. More to read.

During our tests, the program has proved to be very efficient and fast removal of the remaining junks files, taking only seconds to delete the content from several different locations. Undoubtedly, Install Monitor is a great tool for you if you install lot’s of programs regularly. Using Install Monitor will not let you to leave your computer full of useless files. The idea of ​​the Install Monitor is to make the Windows’ default Add/Remove Programs service complete and more effective as well. It makes a complete scan on your computer for files remaining and will not be used by other applications. The scan for junks is made not only in the directories, but also in the OS registry entries. Another unique feature it has is checking the registry entries and temp files of an application without removing it.


To use Install Monitor, download the package and then install it. The interface of Install Monitor pretty clean and easy to understand. The home window lists all installed software and let to sort them by name, date or size. The Content tab will show registry entries and temp data of a software. A toolbar at the top of the screen the lets you choose an application from a drop-down menu and uninstall it.


Install Monitor is a simple freeware uninstaller tool for Windows works on Windows XP 32-Bit and Windows Vista/Windows 7 32-Bit and 64-Bit.

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