Deer Hunter RELOADED: Enter The World Of Hunting In One Of The Best FPS Games [Android]

If you are looking for a first person shooting game for your Android, it's for sure that you will be impressed with the Deer Hunter RELO...

sshotIf you are looking for a first person shooting game for your Android, it's for sure that you will be impressed with the Deer Hunter RELOADED. But if you're against hunting animals, stay away from him because the realism of the game is high. Here you can see in detail the bullet starting toward his hunting and entering the animal's body, while blood covers the screen. Deer Hunter RELOADED is not a game for those who like a breeze: here, the gaming is intense and can leave the screen of your gadget full of blood. The goal of the game is to hunt as many animals as you can while walking through the forest. You can play in two modes: the most common way is when the game starts and you see animals standing around. The second game mode is only unlocked after a few rounds, then you have waves of animals that run through you.You must be fast and good sight to get along in the game. With graphics even more finicky than its early versions, the Deer Hunter RELOADED brings 3D graphics breathtaking. Both the pictures of the scenery, the animals you can see the concern of developers to bring a quality game for the players.


The smoothness of the animations is a key to the success of Deer Hunter RELOADED.Compared with other games of the series, now the game looks even more real. However, some possibilities, such as moving in the scene were limited. Now you can only move sideways and can not approach the animals. During our test, we did not observe the presence of animal attacks, which broke up before the player if he approached much of its prey. The variety of animals for hunting, weapons, scenarios and game modes make the game even better. Other points, such as the possibility of using X-ray cause the player has more alternatives at the time of hunting, improving performance throughout the game.



The sounds of Deer Hunter RELOADED also deserve attention, and both the noises of the forest, as the sound of the shots make the player's immersion is complete. With all this, the Deer Hunter RELOADED definitely worth downloading, especially for being free.



The game controls are simple to understand, but quite varied. You can use the button on the right side of the screen shots to reload the gun and switch weapons. On the left side buttons you can count on to bring the sights and connect the X Ray In some cases, the Deer Hunter RELOADED release buttons on either side so that you walk through the scenario. As advances in gaming, you win more points, which can be redeemed for more powerful weapons or more battery on X Ray In addition, you will still unlock new scenarios and opportunities in game.

Check the video demo below:

The only drawback is you will need to purchase some items in order to proceed after playing a few rounds. Also this free version has many limitation like you cannot play previous hunts to increase points etc. Otherwise, this is a great game for Android. With enjoyable gameplay and precious physics, this game is a nice one. Deer Hunter RELOADED works on Android 2.1 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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