Search & Find Any Files From Your PC Using Faster Desktop Search Engine Called Find and Run Robot [Windows]

Is it possible to use the computer without the help of a mouse? This is a difficult but not impossible, you just need to have the right tool...

Search-&-Find-Any-Files-From-Your-PC-Using-Faster-Desktop-Search-Engine-Called-Find-and-Run-Robot-[Windows]-6Is it possible to use the computer without the help of a mouse? This is a difficult but not impossible, you just need to have the right tools. Clearly this is an extreme case, but many people prefer using the keyboard over the mouse more or less, and Find and Run Robot (FARR) is an application of great help in these cases! Anyone who has used the Spotlight system-wide desktop search feature of Mac OS X knows how much it is useful and how much easier to use the computer with it. And that is what makes the Find and Run Robot an application so useful, since it closely resembles the search feature of Apple. It is very fast comparing with Windows’ default search engines, which makes it quick and effective search for what you want through the FARR. One of the biggest advantages over the Windows’ native system search is that it can search files via file name as well as search keywords inside text files. Moreover, the list is refined so that you always find relevant results to what you want to open. Although very responsive and helpful, FARR still has some points that could make the tool even better. One is that the results are arranged without any classification by type. In Apple's Spotlight, list shows programs, files, and modification time etc., but the FARR entries found are arranged freely and unsortable. More to read.

With it you can find any program or file on your computer and open it without using the mouse, all via keyboard shortcuts. Anyone who has used Mac OS X knows the feature called Spotlight, an improved search engine that can find what you need even before you finish typing. To access the Find and Run Robot you need to configure a keyboard shortcut that is easy to memorize. Right click on the system tray icon of Find and Run Robot and click on Options. Scroll to the Hotkeys tab to choose shortcuts for specific actions.


Now make a test, try to find any document or program searching for a keyword. As you type, the results appear and refining the search in no time. The FARR even find the words in the text of Word documents, for example, which makes it easier when you remember what was written but do not know under which name the file was saved.



  • Ready to run, right out-of-the-box with no configuration needed.
  • The most customizable application of its kind, for those who love to tweak settings.
  • Caches programs you launch for instantaneous repeat searches and adaptive scoring.
  • Comes with dozens of built-in special alias commands that allow you to perform tons of different web searches and other operations.
  • Create and share (xml) alias packs with your friends or download them from our site to add custom commands and menus.
  • Install (open source) plugins to add advanced functionality.
  • A dozen plugins are available at launch time, including a powerful clipboard monitor and searcher; a live calculator with history tape and persistent variables; a bookmark searcher plugin that supports Firefox, internet explorer, and opera; plugins to manage running processes, uninstall programs, change the default printer, control external applications, and more.
  • Low system overhead, fully portable and runnable from a USB thumb drive, and doesn't mess with your registry.
  • Drag+Drop results from the result view; quick right click to access file system properties or advanced functions.
  • No file indices are used, so results are always up to date with minimal memory use.
  • Choose from dozens of skins and customize the fonts sizes of all graphical elements of the user interface, or turn off skins completely and revert to default Windows user interface. Choose between a compact small-icon mode, or an easy-to-read large icon mode.
  • Full directory browsing function with live search filtering -- manually browse and locate the files you are looking for.
  • Customizable toolbar for common functions and operations (optional; with drag+drop support).
  • Automatic updating for main program and plugins (optional).
  • Customize hotkey triggers to launch and perform specific searches, or copy selected text to the clipboard at launch .

If you are really bored with the worst ever search feature that comes packed with Windows, Find and Run Robot then can be a good alternate for you. During our test, it was able to find any search query in no time (less then 2 seconds). Find and Run Robot is free and available as both portable and installer version. Find and Run Robot works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and we also tested it successfully on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Download Find and Run Robot

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