Draw Something Free: Guess, Draw & Challenge Your Social Friends [Android & iPhone Game]

Draw Something Free is an image and action game that combines the best of the touchscreen technology of the modern devices and social networ...

Draw-Something-Free-Guess,-Draw-&-Play-With-Your-Social-Friends-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-2Draw Something Free is an image and action game that combines the best of the touchscreen technology of the modern devices and social networks. You can play the classic pastime with your friends on Facebook, drawing on the screen of your device and trying to guess the words related to the figures. Draw Something Free is available as both iPhone and Android game. The game offers various ways to play - you can select a friend on Facebook or send an email invitation. You can also browse an active player at random, which is perfect the first time you play, since it is not necessary to wait long to see the action happen. One of the most interesting features of Draw Something Free that is different from the original game, the matches do not happen in real time. This means that all the excitement of trying to guess the words quickly goes down. The mechanics of Free Draw Something was clearly outlined to be casual, adapting the model used by most games that are successful in shifts in social networks. This gameplay may frustrate gamers looking for a quick game. Even finding an active player, you may have to wait to start playing, and while you do your part - designing or responding - it is impossible to guarantee that the other gamer will respond promptly, and there is no time limit on matches .


To circumvent this problem, the title lets you join multiple games simultaneously. That way you can be designing - or trying to guess a word - in a game while waiting your turn on another. One drawback is that the entire interface and game play are words used in English. If you do not have basic English language, probably will not be able to play. On the other hand, if you are proficient in foreign language, be able to play without difficulty, since most of the words is common - at most you will need to take a peek in the dictionary. The interface is Draw Something Free very simple and objective, ensuring that you feel comfortable in minutes and not be confused with the options. The version of the Free App advertising displays full-screen, which you can order a bit, and limit the amount of words you can use. In short, Draw Something Free is a game of image and action that was splendidly adapted to the current scenario of games for social networks. The title takes advantage of touch screens, when designing and also Facebook, allowing you to create games in turns with your friends. The game has everything to become a great hobby, especially for lovers of the game that are not available to play in real time.


Draw Something is a classic game Free Image and Action, in which you can challenge your friends in social networks trying to guess a word related to a drawing. The title has its own currency to reward players, called coin that is used to purchase a few extras in the game. In total, the game has 400 words to draw. You can also challenge their colleagues through Facebook, Twitter, email or by selecting a user of the game. Still, you can send a challenge to a random player, which is very useful if your friends are not available to play. One change that may disappoint gamers is that traditionalists Free Draw Something has broken in real time. This means that all the excitement and action of trying to guess a word as it is drawn is not available here. Although it may seem a defect at first, this change in gameplay gives this title a more casual, as you can have fun anytime.


Check out the demo video below:

Draw Something Free is indeed a good classical fun games for gamers of all ages. It has brilliant imaging technology to play with social integration support. Draw Something Free can be played in iOS 3.0 or later and Android 1.6 or later and is available for free in iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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