Find Vulnerable Points (Weak Point) Of Your System & Learn How To Fix It With Windows Vulnerability Scanner

Windows Vulnerability Scanner performs a scan on your Windows operating system to vulnerabilities (Weak points of a System from where some...

Find-Vulnerable-Points-(Weak-Point)-Of-Your-System-&-Learn-How-To-Fix-It-With-Windows-Vulnerability-Scanner-(1)Windows Vulnerability Scanner performs a scan on your Windows operating system to vulnerabilities (Weak points of a System from where someone or something can attack you and do harm to your machine) which somehow can pose risks to the user. The program is portable and small so you do not need to install it and it is also very easy to use, just one click to order it to scan your computer. Windows Vulnerability Scanner is a good alternative when it comes to accurate information about your PC as well as to keep everything safe, fast and useful.The interface of this tool is also another plus point because it has only two buttons, making it even easier to use. It is also a stable, small and do not change anything in the normal operation of other programs. While it works you can also work normally. More to read.


Using Windows Vulnerability Scanner is really simple and easy. Just double click on the downloaded file. It will show a dialog box asking whether you want Start scanning the system for Vulnerabilities or not. Click Yes to let it scan your system.


Then after a few moments, it will show the result. If it weren’t able to find any security threat, it will display nothing found notification.


When it finds a problem, it gives a brief description of the vulnerability is and so this program helps the user to correct it and leave your computer more secure. It is interesting to search in your system regularly to keep yourself safe. Moreover, after finishing the search for weak points, the program generates a report in the folder where you find the executable file for Windows Vulnerability Scanner (file name Protector_Plus_Windows_Vulnerability_Scan.htm )

Download Windows Vulnerability Scanner

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