LINE Camera: A Free Funny Image Editor Tool With Many Filters, Frames, Brushes And More [Android]

LINE Camera is an image editing program that lets you modify photos of your friends in a funny way, putting wigs, beards, frames and other b...

LINE-Camera-A-Free-Funny-Image-Editor-Tool-With-Many-Filters,-Frames,-Brushes-And-More-[Android]-2LINE Camera is an image editing program that lets you modify photos of your friends in a funny way, putting wigs, beards, frames and other bizarre items. This is a free and easy to use funny image editor tool for Android. UI of LINE Camera is friendly as all elements are divided into categories intuitive. The application interface is simple, accommodating all the options in tabs and categories. You can browse the list of items by sliding your finger to the right, naturally. When you select an object, simply touch the screen to make it appear, which can be positioned and resized easily. Although, it has a limitation of changing the angle of the accessories w in the programs of its kind, quite common with the same niche application. Thus, if the face of the person you want to edit isn’t on the center in the photo, the items will not fit in a realistic way. Yet, LINE camera is a great program for editing photos in a fun way. All resources have been arranged ergonomically on the interface, facilitating the use. Furthermore, the large amount of accessories and frames allows issues compatible with almost any situation. More to read.


The app has a large collection of funny pictures in each category and many frames. Using the multitouch technology, you can place items, change its size, slope and leave them exactly as you want. Then simply save the image on your device or post it to your favorite social network. When you finish editing, the program automatically saves the image file in a folder called "LINEcamera." Soon after, several social networks are displayed in which you can publish your edit.



  • Many different frames and stamps are available
    Decorate to your heart’s content with over 100 different frames and 600 fabulous stamps including popular ones from the LINE app.
  • Cute and fashionable filters
    Create and fine-tune your ideal photos with our special filters.
  • Brushes and texts that can be used as stamps
    Design and use your own unique stamps with illustrations and messages.
  • Share your photos with ease
    You can use LINE, Facebook and other SNS services to share your photos.


LINE Camera is an image editor that aims to make fun with portraits/images with brushes, effects, wigs, funny glasses and other items. LINE Camera is a full free tool works on Android 2.1 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

Download LINE Camera

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