Keep An Eye On User-Activity Through Software In Your PC Using UserAssistView For Windows

UserAssistView is a portable tool to  find out user activity through software installed in your PC. This tiny system utility tool lets you ...

Keep-An-Eye-On-User-Activity-Through-Software-In-Your-PC-Using-UserAssistView-For-Windows8UserAssistView is a portable tool to  find out user activity through software installed in your PC. This tiny system utility tool lets you check which software other users of your PC runs. Developed by Nirsoft, this tool provides advanced data in a real easy manner so even newbies can understand them easily. This tool detects user activity from registry and decrypt and show them to you. This can be used as a monitoring tool although like other usual monitoring tool, it doesn’t need to be run in the background effecting overall system performance. Rather, it is a decryption tool that analyzes and decrypts user activity data. If you are wondering how can this be possible, then you might probably look over how Windows system works. Every software someone runs on Windows, it gets pre-fetched by the system. This usage info are stored in Windows Registry which can be access through a decryption tool and UserAssistView is such a tool. More to read.

UserAssistView is a portable utility so you need not to install it. Just extract the archive and then run the executable file. On the main window, the application shows all process used by the system and user. Those information are managed and can be sorted by five columns. The Item Name shows the full path of the process, Index shows how many time the application has been indexed, Count show the number of how many times the application has been opened, Modified Time shows the last modification time of the app and finally, ClassID shows the current classID key of the application in case you want to find if out from the Registry Editor manually.


Apart from viewing information in window, you can also generate HTML report for all processes or for selected processes. To so, select applications to report and then right click on it and choose either HTML Report – All Items or HTML Report – Selected Items. You can also choose this in View from menubar.


The HTML report will then be opened automatically in your Default browser.


UserAssistView is a great tool to monitor user activity on your PC without any kind of notification. It is a freeware portable tool and works perfectly on both 32-Bit and 64-Bit of Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Download UserAssistView

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