EGGGZ Lite: Test Your Skill And Attention With Interactive Game [Android Game]

If you are looking for a game that requires attention and quick responses, you can count on EGGGZ Lite. Although this game is mostly suitab...

EGGGZ-Lite-Test-Your-Skill-And-Attention-With-Interactive-Game-[Android-Game]-3If you are looking for a game that requires attention and quick responses, you can count on EGGGZ Lite. Although this game is mostly suitable for Childs yet it brings a funny gameplay, play is very fast and will not make you eyes pulls away from the screen of your gadget with Android. The EGGGZ lite is one of those casual games can be addictive and make you want to spend hours in front of your Android. The game is very fun and challenging. With a great level of difficulty, the game gets even faster as you progress in phases. One of the highlights of the game is that even though difficult, EGGGZ lite offers the opportunity to do well in the game, as it has items that can help in gambling, such as extra lives, the saving of lost eggs and immobilization of a Chickens that phase for some time. This all helps a lot in time to move on gaming without leaving the game boring.


The visual interface of EGGGZ lite is also a positive point with quality images and sounds very funny added to make the app even better. Even if you have a playful theme, the EGGGZ lite is not suitable for very young children, since it requires a lot of response speed of the player in the advanced stages. Thus, the EGGGZ lite becomes a good alternative for those who want to have fun without paying anything for it.


The game has several stages, and all of them you should always take care not to drop the eggs from the chickens. Its mission is to catch as many eggs as you can, using the lives that appear in the shape of hearts on top of the screen. The eggs fall into random sequence, and to get the eggs, you need to select the chicken where the egg is falling. Some eggs bring special items and can help you in gambling, is giving extra lives or saving eggs that fall to the ground.

Check the video demo below:


  • 50 missions
  • Special missions
  • All farm improvements
  • Unlimited Championship mode with online Leaderboard

EGGGZ Lite can be a good way to pass some of your boring moments while your are tired of hard working. This game brings many stages with nice gameplay and fascination background music. EGGGZ Lite works on Android 1.5 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

Download EGGGZ Lite

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