Internet Speeding – SpeedUp: Easy Application To Increase Internet Speed Of Your Android

Internet Speeding – SpeedUp increases the speed of internet connection of your Android that works for most common types of connections suc...

Internet-Speeding---SpeedUp-Easy-Application-To-Increase-Internet-Speed-Of-Your-Android-(1)Internet Speeding – SpeedUp increases the speed of internet connection of your Android that works for most common types of connections such as 3G, WiFi and 4G. The way to use the Internet Speeding is very simple and easy as simply access the single screen of the application and select (or deselect) the two functions provided by it. In the same interface, you can turn off the program whenever you want, and the response to this command is immediately displayed. The operation of the Internet Speeding is fast and stable. During the tests, he has failed, and some ran perfectly, being turned on and off so commanded. The possibility to show or hide the icon from the notification area was also respected at all times it has been selected. The increase of internet speed can be seen clearly in downloading application. During our test, internet speed seemed to be accelerated by about 25%. In other words, this means that the program allows you to download software using only half the usual time.

However, with respect to the loading of web pages and also the speed of running applications that use internet connection to run, Internet Speeding did not show significant improvements. Items carried about the same amount of time that typically lead to be displayed.


By using this application, the downloads can be done with half the time they were completed earlier and the web pages are loaded in just seconds. Speeding The Internet allows you to configure it to start with the device and also allows you to hide the application icon in the notification area, if it bothers you. The operation of the program can be terminated when you want him going to the main screen.

Internet Speeding – SpeedUp is an experimental tool to accelerate internet speed of your Android device that actually works. It works on Android 1.6 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

Download Internet Speeding – SpeedUp For Android

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