Nokia’s 41 MP 808 PureView May Come With Windows Phone Instead Of Symbian Belle

Nokia impressed everyone at the Mobile World Congress 2012 with the launch of PureView 808 , a cell phone powered with 41 megapixel camera....

Nokia-Betting-On-Symbian-Belle-In-Nokia-808-PureView-With-41-MP-Camera-[MWC-2012]-(3)[4]Nokia impressed everyone at the Mobile World Congress 2012 with the launch of PureView 808, a cell phone powered with 41 megapixel camera. But the most interesting things that surprised many is Nokia’s this latest smartphone was equipped with the Symbian operating system, not with Windows Phone. But a job vacancy announcement from Nokia on Linkedin may have revealed that the company will launch a new Windows phone with great camera. The company is looking for a senior specialist in imaging algorithms to work on Windows Phone. The post was published on March 19 and describes that Nokia is looking for someone to be part of a team charged with developing "the next big thing related to imaging and camera”.


In fact, the job ad specifically refers to the 808 PureView which questions if the candidate wants to participate in creating the next chapter of Nokia devices with Windows Phone. According to the My Nokia Blog, you only need to add another one to find that Nokia is trying to bring the same technology found in Pure View camera 808 for a phone with Windows in the future.

The number of megapixels is not the only epic creating technology added in PureView 808. Nokia has combined a mix of sensor technologies and scheduling algorithms to achieve the best possible results in a cell phone camera. Nokia believes that most people will not take pictures up to 8 megapixels, allowing the technology PureView capture as much detail as possible addition.

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