QQ Browser English Version Has Been Updated To v2.8 For Android & 2.6 For Symbian And Java

Mobile   Internet has been so popular these days that almost every single smartphone users connects to this big web for once at least per d...

QQ-Browser-English-Version-Has-Been-Updated-To-v2.8-For-Android-&-2.6-For-Symbian-And-Java-9Mobile Internet has been so popular these days that almost every single smartphone users connects to this big web for once at least per day. Although each device comes packed with a default browser to browse through, you need to have a third-party browser to unleash the real power of Internet. You will need a faster and powerful browser to look and get what you want. There are lots of great Internet Browser is available on Google Play for Android but thinking about Symbian, the list isn’t that big and on Java, there’s only a few internet browser there. Most developers have already stopped developing Java and Symbian version (Expect for Opera and UCWEB). In the short list of a good multi-platform mobile browser, QQ Browser is a better one. It supports for Java, Symbian (S60v3 and S60v5) and Android. Recently, QQ have updated the English version of their mobile browser to v2.5 (For Java, S60v3), v2.6 (For S60v5) and v2.8 (For Android). Download after the break.


QQ Browser was a Chinese local internet browser when the last time we shared them. From then, they have came a long way and now they have separate English version for Java, Symbian and Android. While we tested the Android version, it showed some great improvement proving that they are working hard with this product. It supports some basic JavaScript to advanced jQuery (Like LazyLoading images we used in our blog). Although the page rendering needs to be improved much, yet it shown a good increase in browsing speed.



  • Browsing speed 2x faster, just half size of the other browsers.
  • Up to 90% traffic and time saved through patented cloud compression technology.
  • Hot games,applications,SNS,news are just a few clicks away!
  • Eye-protection mode, multiple skin types to choose and MUCH MORE!

Download QQ Browser 2.5 English For Java

Download QQ Browser 2.5 English For Symbian S60v3

Download QQ Browser 2.6 English For Symbian S60v5

Download QQ Browser 2.8 English For Android

If you are having problem to download files from previous links, try to download from QQ Browser Homepage.

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