Password Protect Your USB Flash Drive To Ensure File Protection Via USB Flash Security [Windows]

If you are carrying real sensitive data of important files that you don’t want to disclose to any person without your authorization, then US...

Password-Protect-Your-USB-Flash-Drive-To-Ensure-File-Protection-Via-USB-Flash-Security-[Windows]-9If you are carrying real sensitive data of important files that you don’t want to disclose to any person without your authorization, then USB Flash Security is a good choice for you. This application is ideal for those who constantly deals with important files on their flash drive. It basically protects the contents of the USB drive with a password, making it impossible for anyone to view your personal files. If this is your case, download USB Flash Security to make all your data in your USB drive completely safe. Remember that the free version allows the use of flash drives with a capacity of up to 4 GB. It inserts a password to access the contents of your flash drive, requiring it whenever the device is connected to a computer. Without this password, nobody can make any kind of change in the files, ensuring its integrity. The only way to reverse the process is to use the program to uninstall the security lock, which will erase its contents. Remember, also, to create a backup of your files before you uninstall it first, since your data will be lost in the process. More to read.

Disclosure: USB Flash Security is a great tool to protect file in USB. But note that while installing the security on the USB, it will automatically format the drive and erase all data in it. So backup files before installing it on you device. Similarly, it will also erase data while uninstalling security from a USB device. So backup files before uninstalling security too.

Remember, if you loose the password of USB Flash Security, then there is no way you are getting your data back. So never forget the password ever. Moreover, although this tool proved to be safe and functional on our test on two different pen-drive, yet there might be some bug which may cause major problem. So use it at your own risk.

To get started with USB Flash Security, download the downloader from the link below and then run it to download the main contents. While initializing downloads, it will try to install a toolbar and change your browser homepage and default search engine. To avoid this, click on Custom Installation and uncheck all options.


Once you finish installing the program on your computer, connect your USB Flash Drive with PC and backup all important files from USB device on your PC. Then run the USB Flash Security from the shortcut. It will display getting started tab. Skip it by clicking on OK. Then it will show the application main window with all detected USB Flash Drive in individual tabs. Select the tab containing your flash drive and then click Install. The program will warn you that the data stored in the device will be erased during the installation process. Click OK to confirm.


On the new window, you will need to set the password to access the flash drive which will guarantee the security of your files later. Enter your password, repeat it again and stipulates a hint to remember it in the Hint field, clicking OK to finish this step and protect the device. Make sure to remember this password as you are going to need it every time you access to the device later.


Once the applications finishes installing security on the USB Device, click on Operation > Copy of release tool to copy a tool to enter on the USB Drive. This tool will help you when you will need to access on the USB Device from a system which doesn’t have USB Flash Security installed.


Now, remove and insert your flash drive to the computer again. Once it is recognized, note that there is only one configuration file and an executable apparently inside. Whenever you need to use the device, you must click on that application, then entering your password.


Thus, the program restarts the USB mode, allowing you to use it to copy and insert files into the device or from it. Remember that everything will be protected from any computer you use, always requiring a password to access its contents.


If you forget your password and no longer know what to do to access the device, unfortunately there is no other way to recover your files. The only solution then is to uninstall the program, making the device useful again, but you will loose all your files in the process. To remove security from the USB Device, connect it and then run USB Flash Security. Then click on Operation > Uninstall to revert the device as it was before. Remember that all files inside the USB Device will also be erased this time too.


USB Flash Security is a bit tricky to use and hard to understand, but yet it could be a great tool to protect your USB Drive. USB Flash Security works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and as well as Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Download USB Flash Security


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