Survival Run with Bear Grylls: Become An Explorer Of Nature & Escape The Hungry Beasts [iPhone Game]

Everyone knows Bear Grylls, the famous explorer who appears in the "everything-proof" to teach people how to survive in critical s...

Survival-Run-with-Bear-Grylls-Become-An-Explorer-Of-Nature-&-Escape-The-Hungry-Beasts-[iPhone-Game]-(1)Everyone knows Bear Grylls, the famous explorer who appears in the "everything-proof" to teach people how to survive in critical situations in nature. He was lost in a safari in Africa and do not know how to turn on the savannah? For he will teach you how to find food, escape predators and reach civilization for help. However, this does not mean that these "lessons" are always calm and quiet. As it always is in the wild, is very common to encounter some friendly animals anything like snakes, wolves and lions. And that is exactly what you will face in Survival Run with Bear Grylls. Games inspired by TV shows are hardly good. Trying to cling to features seen on television, developers rarely hit the pitch in time to actually create something of quality - something that fortunately does not happen with Bear Grylls Survival Run for iPhone.

Survival-Run-with-Bear-Grylls-Become-An-Explorer-Of-Nature-&-Escape-The-Hungry-Beasts-[iPhone-Game]-(2)  Survival-Run-with-Bear-Grylls-Become-An-Explorer-Of-Nature-&-Escape-The-Hungry-Beasts-[iPhone-Game]-(3)

Although it is a pretty simple game in terms of mechanics and even visually, the game can be fun to bring a simple gameplay and a considerable challenge, requiring considerable skill by the player. He thought that a bear would run away from something easy? The use of movements on the screen to control the actions of the character is something that works very well, and makes everything very intuitive and you do not waste time trying to perform the action. Simply tap the screen to divert Bear Grylls a tree or jump over a hole.

In this game for iOS, you must control the adventurer in a somewhat thankless mission: escape from a dangerous bear. In one of his farms, Grylls faced the beast and now must run as fast as possible to avoid being devoured by it. For this, he will not only exercise your legs, but also avoid the obstacles that the environment itself offers. The mechanics are simple: while the character runs automatically on a predetermined path, you must prevent it from falling into holes or stumble upon some fallen tree in front. As there is an animal dying to devour it, any misstep can simply be fatal.

Survival-Run-with-Bear-Grylls-Become-An-Explorer-Of-Nature-&-Escape-The-Hungry-Beasts-[iPhone-Game]-(4) Survival-Run-with-Bear-Grylls-Become-An-Explorer-Of-Nature-&-Escape-The-Hungry-Beasts-[iPhone-Game]-(5) Survival-Run-with-Bear-Grylls-Become-An-Explorer-Of-Nature-&-Escape-The-Hungry-Beasts-[iPhone-Game]-(6)

So, all you need to do is pay attention to what arises. By sliding your finger to the side of the screen makes Grylls change the direction of their flight. When you see a bank or obstacle, just make a move up for him to jump, while down serves as an order for a stylish sliding. However, his only goal is not just reach the greatest possible distance, but getting money for your program! Throughout the phases, you will find coins that should be collected. Simply use the motion sensor of your mobile device so that Grylls run to the left or right. Just beware of potential pitfalls!


  • Simple controls and an exciting game play mechanic.
  • Play as your favorite survival expert, Bear Grylls.
  • Unlock 7 awesome Bear Grylls characters.
  • Rescue Choppers, Power Paragliders, Jetpacks and more!
  • High quality 3D graphics.
  • Game Center support for the spirit of competition.
  • Survival Tracker leveling system ensures that every meter counts! No more wasted runs!

Download Survival Run with Bear Grylls For iPhone

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