Quick Launch Lockscreen: A Lockscreen Replacement Tool With Calling & Opening App From Lockscreen Feature [Android]

Quick Launch lockscreen app is a very useful lockscreen replacement application for Android comes for one of the most powerful and reputabl...

Quick-Launch-Lockscreen-A-Lockscreen-Replacement-Tool-With-Calling-&-Opening-App-From-Lockscreen-Feature-[Android]-6Quick Launch lockscreen app is a very useful lockscreen replacement application for Android comes for one of the most powerful and reputable online company called Conduit and can help a lot on a daily basis. The feature of opening apps or make calls directly from the lock screen is the great advantage of the application. The interface of the Quick Launch lockscreen also brings strengths to the system, since it leaves any gadget with a unique style and brand new. For simplicity in the lines and buttons, Quick Launch lockscreen blends easily with any theme you choose for your machine. A tool that allows to customize background image also improves the use of the Quick Launch lockscreen, since much of the same kind of apps do not have this possibility. With so many advantages, it is hard to believe that the Quick Launch lockscreen is even a free app. But you can rest assured and install the theme without fear: it costs nothing and does not bring ads that hinder its use. More to read.

Quick Launch is a lockscreen app that will let the screen of your gadget with an even more modern, as well as being very practical. With it, you no longer need to waste time opening your applications, since you now have everything in hand to unlock the screen. To use the Quick Launch lockscreen you do not need anything besides the installation. Your gadget should automatically change the lock screen with your new look. The app comes ready to use and has two initial options: change the way you touch (silent, vibration or sound) or unlock the screen.


Choosing the second option, you have three possibilities: make calls, take pictures or unlock the gadget. In the telephone option, you can even choose one of the last numbers called and make another call without even unlock the device. With the release of the device, the Quick Launch lockscreen also offers a list of apps that are currently running on the device and you can proceed directly to one of them, or just unlock the home screen. If you prefer, you can open the camera by selecting the corresponding icon on the screen. Opening the settings menu of the app, you can change the background image, as the Quick Launch lockscreen brings a wallpaper/photograph by default and allows you to change any image that is in memory of your device.


Check out the video demo below:


  • View and call back your missed calls
  • Display and call your recent contacts
  • Read unread messages
  • Put any standard widget directly on your lock screen
  • Use the Quick Search bar to quickly access any online information or sites
  • Take photos with your phone's camera
  • Drag the Mute icon to turn Silent mode on/off
  • Unlock your phone as you normally would
  • Clock with time & date

Quick Launch Lockscreen is a full free and brilliantly working lockscreen replacement tool for Android. It works on Android 2.1 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

Download Quick Launch Lockscreen

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