Pandora Recovery: Effectively Recover Deleted Files With Easy Steps [Windows]

Periodically people do some cleaning through files to reduce disk space or just to get rid of junks. But many times while doing so, we also ...

Pandora-Recovery-Effectively-Recover-Deleted-Files-With-Easy-Steps-[Windows]-Periodically people do some cleaning through files to reduce disk space or just to get rid of junks. But many times while doing so, we also delete files which may not seem to be important at the time of deletion, but need later. Also, sometimes even the most careful person deletes very important files of years of works accidentally. To let users recover those important files, we have previously reviewed some File Recovery Tool for Windows called Piriform Recuva, Abelssoft FileWing, Undelete360 and more. Today we are featuring yet another good tool called Pandora Recovery. Pandora Recovery is not a backup tool, but with it you can recover files that were deleted many times ago, even before you installed the program, if the bits that stored these files remain encrypted on the hard disk. What you do while commanding your system to delete something is you are just removing index MFT of that file from Hard Disc so the system mark that place as “Empty” leaving bits containing strings of that file. If you do not replace those bits by storing other files on them, recovering that file is an easy task. Pandora Recovery is a program that allows you to recover permanently deleted files on your computer. Pandora Recovery offers three methods of finding deleted files - navigation, search and scanning surface. More to read.

Pandora Recovery is a tool to recover deleted files that should be useful for all types of users. This is due to the fact that the software is extremely simple and easy to use because the interface leads the user to take the right actions and not find what you are looking for. Users with a little more knowledge should also like the Pandora Recovery because it lets recovering files in a few simple steps. In addition, there are several other configurations, leaving the program very agile and aggressive in their actions. Although the UI of this tool isn’t attractive as other we have featured, and it is also slower during scan process, yet this tool proved to be very effective during our test recovering most files we wanted. As mentioned above, this tool has three different methods to allow you locate desired files. These are:-

Browse: With this option, the user sees all the directories on your computer and can navigate between folders. The files that appear in red are those which were deleted from the PC. If you are interested, you can restore them in the source folder again or anything else you want, because the program provides a browser to locate them at the time of recovery.


Search: In this mode, the user must select a drive to seek files and then type the name of referred object. In the File name you can choose either Like or Exactly to match the file name. The first identifies files with similar names, second only to the files of the same name that you entered. It is also possible to search with file size and creation date.


Surface Scan: This is the most complete option and also the most time consuming to. It completely scans the hard disk surface. It is possible to choose the type of files to be searched and also disks that will be analyzed. Depending on the size of the hard disk, it is possible that the analysis gets to take over an hour, because it generates a huge list of all files that have been found by Pandora Recovery.


Once you install and run the software, it will display Pandora Recovery Wizard by default (unless disable). The wizard will allow you to easily select any of those three methods. Mark any one of them and then click Next to continue.


Remember that not all files found by the software can be recovered with 100% working guarantee. Some files can be corrupted and can not be opened. Still, Pandora Recovery is still one of the main programs of the genre.

During our test, we were able to recover 19 files (out of 20) which we have deleted a long time age. Based on effectiveness, this tool can easily beat other similar tools like Recuva. If you have some files you deleted a long time ago, this tool may be the best solution for you. Although the UI of this tool isn’t modern and appealing and is real slow considering other, but the effectiveness (ability to recover files) made this tool brilliant.

Pandora Recovery is a free recovery tool for Windows works on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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