Coaster Design: Build Your Own Roller Coaster Track By Drawing Finger [Android Game]

Coaster Design is a puzzle game that puts you to solve puzzles in an amusement park. Your goal is to build the tracks of a roller coaster, c...

Coaster-Design-Build-Your-Own-Roller-Coaster-Track-By-Drawing-Finger-[Android-Game]-(3)Coaster Design is a puzzle game that puts you to solve puzzles in an amusement park. Your goal is to build the tracks of a roller coaster, causing the cart to pass by the places you want and get the diamonds scattered on the stage. You win if you can get all the items and make that passengers arrive safely to the flag that indicates the end of the challenge. Coaster Design is a game that mixes logic challenges with all the fun of a theme park. Your goal is to build roller coasters radicals allowing the cart to get all the diamonds scattered throughout the stage and reach the end of the scene intact. The gameplay is simple, and all the elements you use to draw the tracks of the toy are organized intuitively on the corners of the interface. In the early stages, in the style of an animated tutorial, the game shows dynamically how to use tools to solve the puzzles.

Despite the simplistic appeal, the game was originally developed in Flash for computers and its version for Android was not well suited. Witness the lack of precision when designing the tracks as you slide your finger on the screen does not give as much precision as a mouse. During our test, were shake many paths and coupling between different parts of the toy are difficult to make accurately.

Coaster-Design-Build-Your-Own-Roller-Coaster-Track-By-Drawing-Finger-[Android-Game] (4)Coaster-Design-Build-Your-Own-Roller-Coaster-Track-By-Drawing-Finger-[Android-Game] (3)

When you run the game, it is displayed in a small frame in the center of the screen. To maximize it, you have to touch the object several times until it is full-screen. This also shows the lack of adaptation of the play, which runs on a Flash element in the browser frame. Considering the genre, the visuals of the title are beautiful and well defined, with images with optimal contrast, vibrant colors and fluid animations. The movements of the cart follow a pattern of relatively realistic physics that should please the most demanding gamers.

Coaster-Design-Build-Your-Own-Roller-Coaster-Track-By-Drawing-Finger-[Android-Game] (2)Coaster-Design-Build-Your-Own-Roller-Coaster-Track-By-Drawing-Finger-[Android-Game] (1)

The set features audible sounds that were clearly written (anyone who has played The Sims will have some memories), but the high rate of repetition makes you get bored after a few minutes. If you play without sound, will not miss any of the effects. Although Coaster Design is a flash game relatively poorly adapted to the screens of Android gadgets, the title features fun challenges and uncompromising gameplay. If you can get used to the problems related to inaccurate controls, Coaster Design can be a good company in idle moments.

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