How To Customize Android Lockscreen: Tips & 5 Best Free Android Lockscreen Replacement Tool

One major advantage of Android is you are able to customize almost everything inside it. The lock screen is another alternative for those...


One major advantage of Android is you are able to customize almost everything inside it. The lock screen is another alternative for those who want to leave the gadget with an even more incredible and very different from the default. The simplest way is to choose an image to the screen. This can be done through one's own image in the gallery. Simply open the image and select the button "Set" to activate the menu button at the physical device. Then select "Lock screen background" and voila! Also, you can go to the "Location and security" in the Settings panel and choose passwords for the gadget. To leave your smartphone in style even more different, you can also count on the lockers, which are specially made ​​for lock screen themes of Android. Our team prepared a selection of applications that you change the look of the device without worrying about many of the setup menus. Check out all the list below.

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Quick Launch lockscreen

The Quick Launch lockscreen apps is one of the most complete tool for having the most used functions on smartphones, and allows you to select an application that was previously opened since the time of release. Another feature is to make calls to the contacts used past without having to unlock the appliance. Simply drag the button to the main phone icon and wait until the contacts appear and then select the one you want.

Quick-Launch-lockscreen-(1)  Quick-Launch-lockscreen-(2)

In addition, the Quick Launch lockscreen shows the messages and calls received in the notification area and allows you to change the device alerts (between sound, vibration and quiet with just a touch. At the top of the screen, you also has a field searches. If you prefer, you can also put a picture of your gallery's background unlock screen.

SmartShift Lockscreen

In addition of bringing many other features, SmartShift lockscreen has the ability to customize the colors of the buttons, and even allows to put widgets on the lock screen. You can also choose which functions would prefer to see on their screens, with shortcuts to applications or standards of camera, phone, SMS, email, search or simple release.

SmartShift-Lockscreen-(1)  SmartShift-Lockscreen-(2)

GO Locker

For those who are already a fan of one of the best free Android Launcher tool called GO Launcher EX, the GO Locker is a great alternative for customizing the lock screen. With it, you have several options to change the look of the gadget. With it, you can download dozens of themes, paid or free, and always changing style of your Android.

GO-Locker-(1)  GO-Locker-(2)

Live Locker

If you are looking for an app completely ready to use and need no configuration or change, Live Locker is for you. With it, you do not need to unlock the device to find the apps you will use. Everything is on the lock screen and simply choose the tool you want to start using it.

unnamed  unnamed (1)

MagicLocker Main

If you do not want to use image in the unlock screen, but looks for a wide variety of ready themes, you can count on the help of MagicLocker Main. Here, you have more than 80 options available and you can choose the look with the season of the year or even simulate the iPhone unlock screen. Thus, until the Apple fans can enjoy.

MagicLocker-Main-(1)  MagicLocker-Main-(2)

In addition, some themes have MagicLocker Main shortcut buttons for tooling Android. In such cases, you can also customize the space, determining the best place for each shortcut on the screen.

Bonus: WidgetLocker Lockscreen (Paid)

Be simple and fast: this is the proposal of WidgetLocker Lockscreen. With a modern look, but minimalist, it allows you to choose any application or function of the device to be activated with just a touch screen. Just choose the one you prefer and slide your finger to enable it.

WidgetLocker-Lockscreen-(1)  WidgetLocker-Lockscreen-(2)

The app has full customization options and you can even change the position of the bars on the screen. Another possibility is to change the bar simple unlock (no shortcut to any app), assuming the look of standard interface devices from HTC or Apple.

Hope this might help you to customize your Android’s lockscreen and make the most out of it. All tools we have shared here are free (except for the WidgetLocker Lockscreen). If you have any favorite tools, share them with us too.


  1. Nice Article.

    I have used Speed Launcher! Its ultimate. Dont know why it is not so famous so far! It is far better than Go launcher or even other lockscreens.

  2. smartshift lockscreen is 2.99 on the market now


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