Easy Battery Saver: One Of The Best Tool To Control Power Consumption & Make Battery Last Longer [Android]

If you love your Android smartphone, but are annoyed at the lack of frequent battery, can now count on Easy Battery Saver, an application t...

Easy-Battery-Saver-One-Of-The-Best-Tool-To-Control-Power-Consumption-&-Make-Battery-Last-Longer-[Android]-(1)If you love your Android smartphone, but are annoyed at the lack of frequent battery, can now count on Easy Battery Saver, an application that manages the processes on your smartphone for that battery consumption is reduced. You do not need to configure anything with Easy Battery Saver. Just open the Optimization tab and choose one among the five existing profiles in the app. Easy Battery Saver is an essential application for anyone who wants to save battery life. With it, you will not get in a pinch when it comes to talking on the phone. The system is very simple to configure, even in the way of customization. The graphical interface of Easy Battery Saver is very pleasant, which gives positive points to the application. Furthermore, app also shows the approximate time of use of each tool, between the main system. This is a great tool to manage your Android’s battery efficiently. More to read.

To know about managing your Android’s Power Features, you should read:


The normal mode to advanced you can select the style of economics that best suits your needs.However, if none of that please you, you can still customize the application and create a whole new way, by changing the settings of Easy Battery Saver. Using the menu at the bottom of the screen you can still choose the Consumption and check in real time all that spends more battery on your gadget. Since the screen to the operating system, everything is listed there. This makes it easy to know what is causing the battery does not last as long as it could.


To disable notification and status bar icon of Easy Battery Saver, simply press menu and go to Settings then uncheck Show Notifications.


  • Optional modes that is easy to choose
  • Visualized battery status on main page
  • Save more than 50% battery
  • Extend the battery working life
  • Battery consumption list of real-time running items
  • Simple, interactive and helpful tutorial
  • Notice of how to use battery better

Easy Batter Saver is one of the best battery management app to control power cosumtion of your android device to make your battery last longer. Easy Batter Saver works on Android 2.0 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

Download Easy Batter Saver


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