Solid Explorer: One Of The Best File Manager For Android With Elegant & Easy-To-Use UI [Android]

Solid Explorer is an application for those looking for alternatives for Android file manager. It allows you to copy, cut, paste, change the...

Solid-Explorer-One-Of-The-Best-File-Manager-For-Android-With-Elegant-&-Easy-To-Use-UI-[Android] (4)Solid Explorer is an application for those looking for alternatives for Android file manager. It allows you to copy, cut, paste, change the names and various other options on any file on your smartphone or tablet. And you can still do all this with very few taps on the screen. Solid Explorer is an application that has almost all tools you need. With intuitive tools and a incredibly light visual interface, it may be the first file manager tested by ABC Trick Lab that can beat Astro File Manager. Besides being very simple to use, it simulates the experience of computer use, which means that the system is intuitive even for those who have no experience with Android. The possibility to rotate the device horizontally and enable split-screen is one of the differentials of the app and create an even better way to manage files and folders on mobile devices.

Solid-Explorer-One-Of-The-Best-File-Manager-For-Android-With-Elegant-&-Easy-To-Use-UI-[Android] (3)Solid-Explorer-One-Of-The-Best-File-Manager-For-Android-With-Elegant-&-Easy-To-Use-UI-[Android] (4)

The look of Explorer is also amazing Solid: white background with blue folders and gray sources closely resemble the modern and minimalist style that made the MacOS system so pleasant to use. Solid Explorer is still in Beta, what do you mean can have a lot to evolve further in the coming months. If even before it is ready, the app already noteworthy and able to overcome already established applications, such as Astro, is a sign that a manager can expect amazing when arrive at its final Play Google.

Solid-Explorer-One-Of-The-Best-File-Manager-For-Android-With-Elegant-&-Easy-To-Use-UI-[Android] (2)Solid-Explorer-One-Of-The-Best-File-Manager-For-Android-With-Elegant-&-Easy-To-Use-UI-[Android] (1)

Before you start using the app, you will give an extensive tutorial. Here's everything you need to know to get along with the application, since the operation of each tool, tips up less essential, but can greatly help in time to manage. You can, for example, rotate the device horizontally to divide the screen in the middle and move files from one directory and another with more practicality. To complete any action, just long tap on the folder or file you want, and wait until the dialog window appears. Solid Explorer also allows you to send files to Dropbox or FTPs. Solid Box Explorer also has support for RAR and ZIP files.

After all, Solid Explorer is a brilliant tool to manage files on your Android Device whether it’s local or FTP/Online. Solid Explorer is on beta phrase on this writing. It works on Android 2.2 or later and is available on Google Play for free.

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