Capture Screenshot, Edit It & Then Export It In Various Format Using Schirmfoto For Windows

Schirmfoto is a great screenshot taker designed to capture the window any program on your computer or capture a region or capture the whole ...

Capture-Screenshot,-Edit-It-&-Then-Export-It-In-Various-Format-Using-Schirmfoto-For-Windows-5Schirmfoto is a great screenshot taker designed to capture the window any program on your computer or capture a region or capture the whole monitor easily. It add as small camera icon on the right top of an application window so you can just click on it to snap the window and once you captured it, a window will open letting you print the screenshot, export it as HTML/PDF and more. For times when you need to make more specific cuts/regions or capture the entire desktop, the program adds an icon for easy access in the notification area that allows quick access to all its functions. Moreover, it has an image editor himself to perform cuts out or even printing catches. Schirmfoto is a good option for those who want to perform screen captures easily. Although it is not advanced or featured as a screenshot taking application, the built-in editor made this tool a good choice. Without relying on another program to edit the taken screenshot, you can edit then by using it’s built-in editor. Schirmfoto comes from the same developer of our previously shared free file recovery tool called FileWing. More to read.

Once you downloaded Schirmfoto, install it to get started. Although this is a completely free product from Abelssoft, you will need to enter your Email, First/Last Name to receive your Unlock code. The unlock code will then be mailed to your email account for free. You will have to enter this Unlock code on the next run.


Once the program is up and running, it will add a new Camera like icon on the right-top part (Just beside the Minimize icon) of the currently active window. All that you need to do is to click on that icon to capture it.


After capturing the window, Schirmfoto editor will open automatically letting you export it in different format or just copy the screenshot to clipboard. The software is able to export screenshot in a large number of formats available in time to save the job: PDF, HTML, MHT, RTF, XLS, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, WMF and EMF - so you can use the result in almost any application.


You can change capture mode and other settings by right clicking on the system tray icon.



  • Create screenshots within seconds
  • Save screenshots to PNG, JPG, RTF (Word) or even PDF
  • Print screenshots, email them or copy them top your clipboard
  • Include watermarks into your screenshots
  • For Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

Schirmfoto can be a good alternate tool to take screenshot and use it in any format for Windows. Schirmfoto works on Windows 7, Window XP, Windows Vista although we experienced a slight distraction while capturing in Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Download Schirmfoto

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