System Mechanic: Powerful Tool To Cleanup System & Turbocharge Your PC [Windows/Giveaway]

System Mechanic from iolo is a brilliant program to optimize both your operating system for better performance and to ensure extra care whil...

System-Mechanic-Powerful-Tool-To-Cleanup-System-&-Turbocharge-Your-PC-[WindowsGiveaway]-(43)System Mechanic from iolo is a brilliant program to optimize both your operating system for better performance and to ensure extra care while you surf the internet. It aims to provide protection (including real-time), with tools against malware and anti-spyware, and alternatives to make your computer more organized. System Mechanic is a good alternative for the organization of your computer. System Mechanic has one click system scanner and repair feature with powerful junk cleaner tool. All functions available in this version worked perfectly and smoothly. Although it is true that this types of software can’t make miracles like making your PC faster like lighting, but it does what needed to optimized the system to gain better performance. Thus, once you run System Mechanic and repair all errors, you will get a much better system then before. More to read.

Note: System Mechanic is a free to try (Paid – 30 day trial) tool available from $39.95. We are giving away 5 (FIVE) license for System Mechanic to five of your lucky readers sponsored by iolo. Details about the giveaway can be found by the end of this article.

The trial version will let you use the complete feature of System Mechanic for 30 days without any limitation (apart from Automatic Tasks).


To get started, download and install it first. During installation, there is a screen that prompts you to enter an email address to get the product activation key. You must enter a valid email address because your 30 days trial code will be sent to that email. After opening the program for the first time, it prompts you to complete the activation process. To do this, click Activate Now and paste the key received. Make sure you have working internet connection to let System Mechanic active it for you.


The application operates from a main window, which is divided into five tabs each with different functions to let you go to where you need. The first tab named Dashboard will show you quick overview of your current system status with quick recommendation for your system. Simply click on Analyze now or Re-analyze to let System Mechanic perform a quick scan and create report.


From the result, you can get more details about the problems found by clicking View problems or simply click on Repair all. On the Problems, there is also a description of all events with a button to repair them separately (if desired). Whatever option is chosen, the repair process takes a few moments. The progress of the process can be followed in real time through the progress bar displayed in the program interface.


The second tab, Active Care contains different pre-added tasks that can be automatically done by the program. There you see the tab Automated tasks, which shows a series of functions, such as Automatically clean up excessive system clutter. Automatically repair hard drive errors, Automatically optimize startup configuration, Automatically repair optimized Internet connection among with others. All are disabled by default and to activate them, you must click the button next to each and leave it in as Enabled. Unfortunately, this function, in general, only works in the paid version of the application.


The third tab, Internet Security, shows your internet settings. In Anti-malware, it shows if you already have a anti-malware tool activated currently or not. Moreover, there is also possible to disable the anti-malware program (if found) from here, just click on the Options button. As like Anti-Malware, Firewall also lets you check if you already have a working firewall tool activated or not.


The Toolbox tab provides tools for computer optimization in group or individually. Here is the central part of the application and functions are presented in two sections. In All-in-one tools, there are four types of activities: PC Acceleration, PC Repair, PC Cleanup and PC Security. You can make all the processes by clicking Start PC TotalCare or do them separately through the Start button right next to each one of them. The second tab, Individual tools, brings the same tools, but instead of being grouped, they are displayed individually (each with only one function).


The last tab, Reports is the complete maintenance reporting section here. IntelliStatus shows report regarding Hard Drive Space, System Memory, Startup Programs, Running Programs and Internet Speed. Here you will also find quick links to optimize each one of them. Finally History tab will show complete history of actions done you System Mechanic.


Finally, if anything goes wrong and you need to undo any action done by System Mechanic, there’s SafetyNet. From here, you can undo last performed actions as well as re-enable startup settings.


System Mechanic is an all-in-one system care tool with powerful scanning and effecting optimization technology. This is a free to try tool works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Release Preview. System Mechanic is available from $39.95.

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Giveaway: We are giving away License Code of System Mechanic to 5 of our lucky readers for free. To get a Free Activation Code of System Mechanic, participate in this simple contest. The Giveaway will last 4 days (Till 27th July, 2012). To participate on the contest, complete one of the following process:

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Update 1: The giveaway is over. Winners will be contacted soon.


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