AnTuTu Benchmark: Benchmark CPU Performance & Capabilities To Know How Good Your Android Is

With AnTuTu Benchmark, you can test everything on your phone with Android and see if the performance of the device is just what you need to ...

AnTuTu-Benchmark-Benchmark-CPU-Performance-&-Capabilities-To-Know-How-Good-Your-Android-Is-(51)With AnTuTu Benchmark, you can test everything on your phone with Android and see if the performance of the device is just what you need to run heavy applications. The app is simple to use and all the tools are at the top of the screen. AnTuTu Benchmark is a good option for those who want to check how your Android is yielding. The system is simple to use, although tests are a bit slow, more than usual for this type of application. The AnTuTu Benchmark’s interface is simple to understand and does not require any specific knowledge. An advantage of the app is able to compare your phone with other gadgets around the world. To improve the application would also bring the possibility of sharing results, for you to compare the performance of your device with your friends.

AnTuTu-Benchmark-Benchmark-CPU-Performance-&-Capabilities-To-Know-How-Good-Your-Android-Is-(1) AnTuTu-Benchmark-Benchmark-CPU-Performance-&-Capabilities-To-Know-How-Good-Your-Android-Is-(2) AnTuTu-Benchmark-Benchmark-CPU-Performance-&-Capabilities-To-Know-How-Good-Your-Android-Is-(3)

To begin testing, go directly to the tab Test. While the application is running, you should stop using your device and wait until the result appears on the screen. Then, a list of everything that was tested appears in the display and you can now check the performance of the test apparatus with processing, graphics, speed of response on the memory card etc..

AnTuTu-Benchmark-Benchmark-CPU-Performance-&-Capabilities-To-Know-How-Good-Your-Android-Is-(4) AnTuTu-Benchmark-Benchmark-CPU-Performance-&-Capabilities-To-Know-How-Good-Your-Android-Is-(5) AnTuTu-Benchmark-Benchmark-CPU-Performance-&-Capabilities-To-Know-How-Good-Your-Android-Is-(6)

At the end of the tests, you can also send the results to the ranking of the world AnTuTu Benchmark and check what position is your gadget, and compare the result with the apparatus of better results.

AnTuTu Benchmark is a quite brilliant benchmarking benchmarking tool for Android with some really useful testing capabilites. It works on Android 1.6 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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