Glee Karaoke: Sing By Enhancing Pitch Correction With Glee & More [iPhone]

Fans of the television series Glee - which tells the story of a group of coral broken by the other students – will just go crazy with this a...

Glee-Karaoke-Sing-By-Enhancing-Pitch-Correction-With-Glee-&-More-[iPhone]-(1)Fans of the television series Glee - which tells the story of a group of coral broken by the other students – will just go crazy with this application, which turns you into one of the singers of the show. As the screens are clean and Glee Karaoke show functions so well organized, despite the onslaught of color and decorations, how to use the game becomes simple. Once you find the buttons responsible for the main actions of the game is not difficult to understand how to perform the activities. During the games, the game recognizes your voice accurately, showing that you are singing according to the tone and rhythm right. One of the most interesting parts of Glee Karaoke is the fact that he save the singing and post it on the list of the application itself - if you allow - so that other players can hear the result of your recording. If you prefer, you can also post the file directly into a social network. However, you can not check the result of the recording immediately after I finished it, because the application does not offer any buttons to perform this action. The only way to hear your own voice on the audio publishing is a social network or list of Glee Karaoke. More to read.

Glee-Karaoke-Sing-By-Enhancing-Pitch-Correction-With-Glee-&-More-[iPhone]-(5)  Glee-Karaoke-Sing-By-Enhancing-Pitch-Correction-With-Glee-&-More-[iPhone]-(4)

Another defect found is that the game does not play in much of the music, the melody of the song - which serves as the basis for you to get a sense of need. This function usually has several shortcomings and starts operating only half of the strip, making it practically useless. Glee Karaoke works in the same style of games like Guitar Hero, only instead of playing an instrument according to the notes on the screen, you must sing to the rhythm of each song, choosing to hear the melody or not to have a more precise notion of momentum.

Glee-Karaoke-Sing-By-Enhancing-Pitch-Correction-With-Glee-&-More-[iPhone]-(3)  Glee-Karaoke-Sing-By-Enhancing-Pitch-Correction-With-Glee-&-More-[iPhone]-(2)

You can play alone, just to train your skills as a singer, or you can write the result of the use and publish on social networks and even the very Glee Karaoke. With this second option, you can compete with other players and win medals for the proper performance of his voice. Glee Karaoke, Early in the game, the Glee Karaoke offers some options for free music, but you can buy songs with coins for profiting during matches. If you engage enough in recordings and is voted one of the best singers of the day, you can earn some tracks paid as a reward for effort.

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