Tractor Trails: Plant Hundreds Of Trees With The Help Of A Farm Tractor [Android Game]

Tractor Trails is a logical thinking game where your goal is to plant trees in every available space of the scene. For this, you guide a tra...

Tractor-Trails-Plant-Hundreds-Of-Trees-With-The-Help-Of-A-Farm-Tractor-[Android-Game]-(1)Tractor Trails is a logical thinking game where your goal is to plant trees in every available space of the scene. For this, you guide a tractor can not go back or pass over the places that already have plants. The gameplay brings a casual control scheme that requires only a few taps on the interface. To move the protagonist, you slide your finger across the screen to the desired point. You should be very careful when planning your route, since it is easy to become trapped and leave empty areas. In Tractor Trails, you will be put into practice their analytical skills while helping a tractor to plant trees in diverse settings-shaped maze. The biggest challenge is that you can not pass twice by the same place or walk backwards. The gameplay follows a pattern very casual with the potential to appeal to younger, although the more advanced stages require much thinking to be fully completed. Anyway, the title never lock you in a level, and you can always move forward regardless of your score.


The large number of stages is another attractive since you can play for hours and not find the last level. Each scenario also brings different situations requiring different strategies. The assembly provides graphic images infant undefined. In the apparatus used during the test, a Samsung Galaxy 7, the resolution elements of the left something to be desired, since most items was blurred. On the other hand, the animations are very expressive and fun, adding a little movement to static scenarios.



In turn, the sound packs gambling in a relaxed way with a merry tune that makes you feel like you're watching a cartoon. The effects draw attention and marked by loud sounds, which do you identify the actions within the game. If you like strategy games casual, Tractor Trails brings a great set that should please you. Despite the complex phase, you do not need to work hard to advance, always keeping the game in progress. However, most hardworking gamers will find great challenges if they try to get the highest score on all levels.

Tractor-Trails-Plant-Hundreds-Of-Trees-With-The-Help-Of-A-Farm-Tractor-[Android-Game]-(4)  Tractor-Trails-Plant-Hundreds-Of-Trees-With-The-Help-Of-A-Farm-Tractor-[Android-Game]-(5)

Check out the video demo below:

Tractor Trails is an enjoyable logic based puzzle game for Android. It works on Android 2.1 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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  1. Hi Rajib, thanks for the great write up!

    About the resolution: Did you select the "HD" checkbox on the main menu? That should greatly improve the quality of the graphics.

    Glad you enjoyed the game, and let us know if you have any questions.


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