How To Block Calls/SMSs From Any Contact Or Number Easily For Free Using Your Android Device [Tutorial]

Talking about mobile privacy is one of the biggest concern about today’s life. When mobile communication service was first introduced, pe...


Talking about mobile privacy is one of the biggest concern about today’s life. When mobile communication service was first introduced, people were excited and surprised with the power of technology. Mobile Communication has come a long way since then and now it has became an integral part of our regular life. This technology has eased our lifestyle so much that we don’t need more than a single moment to get in touch of our friends living on the furthest corner of the world. But no boon comes purely. Sometimes we got fed up with so much unwanted call on our cell phone. To get rid of this problem, many mobile service provider now offering call blocking service for specific number(s) for a fixed monthly allowance. Although it’s an expensive service, many people still using this to get rid of some nonsense callers. Now imagine a similar service free of cost. If you have followed our blog regularly, you then must’ve seen Block Unwanted Calls And Spam SMS & Backup Contacts Online Using Call Blocker back in April. This tool allows to you block calls or SMSs from pre-specified number(s) for free. This is the idea of Call Blocker, an application for Android that helps to enhance your phone, giving you even more privacy. For this, it offers Blacklist, you can add numbers in this list to make calls or messages blocked. The app also allows you to forward calls or respond to text messages automatically. Seems interesting? Follow to check the complete tutorial about how to block call from a number for free.


Call Blocker is a really easy to use tool with stunning UI and interactive buttons. Surly you will be able to work with this application in no time. If not sure what to do, follow the below instructions:

  1. Click on Blacklist to add a number on blacklist. Add Once you opened the list, just click Add number from the from the Blacklist tab to configure and change default settings of blocking preferences. The same thing can be done from the Whitelist tab where you can add numbers which will never be blocked.
  2. After selecting "Add number", you can select which location you want your phone to get the contact you want to block. Available options are: Add from contacts, Add from call log and Add from SMS log. If the number isn’t there, click on Input number to manually input contact details.
  3. When choosing the number, select Edit number on black list to change blocking option. From the Blocking option settings, the application will show three options: Call & SMS, Call only or SMS only. This is where you specify how the contact should be blocked. Once done, click on Save to add that number on Blacklist.

Done. After performing these steps, you are finished adding a contact in your blacklist. Now just do all the above process and add other numbers you want blocked. If any person of blacklist have called you or sent an SMS to you, you will no longer receive any notification on your Device. Call and SMS report will be shown once you open Call Blocker application again. There are two options called Blocked SMS and Blocked Calls on the home window of Call Blocker interface which stores relative statuses.

To change default settings of Call Blocker (like if you want to sent an automated responder to the blocked contacts), follow:

  1. Click the Settings icon from top part of the screen. Or click on Menu > Settings.
  2. In the new window that pops up, you can change actions for Call Blocking and SMS Blocking. By default, Call Blocker will only block numbers on blacklist. You can alternatively block all contacts, all non-whitelisted contacts, all numbers not in contacts. It will automatically receives calls from blocked contacts and then hang up the call. Uncheck Notification if you don’t want a status bar notification when a call is blocked.
  3. Check Response to caller if you wants to automatically send a SMS to the caller once a call is blocked. You can then be able to Choose a message from pre-added list or add a custom one. There are four ready SMSs: "Busy now. I will call you later", "In a meeting. I will call you later", "Driving. I will call you later" and "Sleeping. I will call you later”.

From the SMS Blocking tab, you will be able to set the blocking rule of Text Messages and activate the Unread Reminder. With it, you will receive a notification (every day at 17h) if any blocked SMS stored in the application.


If you want to further enhance the privacy of your phone, Call Blocker also offers more services and the handling of calls, such as Private Space. However, they are only available in the Premium version of the application - ie: a paid version. But if you really need a quite time or to avoid some annoying persons who always try to disturb you, Call Blocker from NQ Mobile is a great solution for you. So what do you think? Having any problem or use any alternate method to do so? Don’t forget to leave a comment here to let us know what you think.

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