Adaptxt Keyboard–Beta: Another Great Alternative Keyboard With Support For Over 50 Language [Android]

One of the coolest things Android operating system is the freedom it offers to its users, allowing, for example, the use of alternative keyb...

Adaptxt-Keyboard-Beta-Another-Great-Alternative-Keyboard-With-Support-For-Over-50-Language-[Android]-(3)One of the coolest things Android operating system is the freedom it offers to its users, allowing, for example, the use of alternative keyboards to the application's default OS. Adaptxt Keyboard - Beta is one of these options, which deserves mention among the applications found on Google Play. The first positive aspect of this keyboard is its setup process, facilitated by a simple and effective tutorial. You will have access to many languages ​​and can set the priority of each use in day to day. The visual Adaptxt Keyboard - Beta is uncomplicated, offering several interesting shortcuts - like the chance to share the text typed through the major social networks with just a touch screen. We've been through many other alternative keyboard app for Android, but few stood out as much as Adaptxt Keyboard – Beta did. Its main characteristic positive - and that in most apps fail - it's compatibility with the English (as well as a variety of languages). More to read.


Changing from one language and another is as easy as selecting a few seconds the spacebar on the keyboard. Installing Adaptxt Keyboard - Beta is another highlight of the app because it does not require any knowledge about the Android settings, taking you through each step of installing a simplified form. The keyboard itself is very good, with keys spaced and several sub-options (like Swype), which allows selection of punctuation and numerals in a simplified form, without changing to another screen. Furthermore, the display of symbols on the keyboard letters and numbers also appears, which is ideal for entering complex passwords.

Adaptxt-Keyboard-Beta-Another-Great-Alternative-Keyboard-With-Support-For-Over-50-Language-[Android]-(2)  Adaptxt-Keyboard-Beta-Another-Great-Alternative-Keyboard-With-Support-For-Over-50-Language-[Android]-(4)

With Adaptxt Keyboard - Beta you can write with capital letters, for example, something that is not available on the keyboard-standard operating system. Moreover, it is possible to have a button that shares what you're writing in the major social networks. The variety of words offered and accuracy of text correction is satisfactory, and there's even the option to change the theme of the keyboard between light and dark colors. In general, Adaptxt Keyboard - Beta did very well on your test, both in devices with larger screen (Note how the Galaxy) and in a more standard size (like the Galaxy S). But during activation keys you may receive a warning intriguing that Adaptxt Keyboard - Beta is able to record all information entered through it, including passwords and credit card numbers – as it did with other keyboard tools. In describing the developer there is any information about the use of your data by application, but we recommend extra caution.

Check out the video demo below:

Adaptxt Keyboard – Beta is a nice alternative keyboard tool for Android. It works on Android 2.1 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

Download Adaptxt Keyboard - Beta

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