Flip Clock xTheme Widget 4x2: A Widget With Clock, Weather Forecast & More [Android]

Flip Clock xTheme Widget 4x2 is a widget for Android whose main function is to display the time. Yet it is also able to perform many other ...

Flip-Clock-xTheme-Widget-4x2-A-Widget-With-Clock,-Weather-Forecast-&-More-[Android]-(1)Flip Clock xTheme Widget 4x2 is a widget for Android whose main function is to display the time. Yet it is also able to perform many other tasks, such as displaying the current phase of the moon, day, percentage of remaining battery icon for weather, temperature, system information, among other things. All this so you can configure the application starts for the first time. Flip Clock xTheme Widget 4x2 is a brilliant widget that does not occupy much space on the screen making almost essential to your portable device with Android. After all, he is able to show a lot of relevant information, like weather and percentage of battery remaining. Although you can discover all of them in other ways, either by searching online or by the system itself, the fact that just hit the eye and know them very useful. The amount of settings available in the application is interesting because it allows you to display lots of information. Although it pollutes the widget and make some of them virtually unreadable due to overlapping of icons, not just leave it enabled to get pieces of information really relevant - after all, weather and time are always helpful.

Flip-Clock-xTheme-Widget-4x2-A-Widget-With-Clock,-Weather-Forecast-&-More-[Android]-(2)  Flip-Clock-xTheme-Widget-4x2-A-Widget-With-Clock,-Weather-Forecast-&-More-[Android]-(3)

The alternative to associate apps to run if there is a touch on the number that represents the time (and the other in minutes) is very cool, because even if the Flip Clock xTheme Widget 4x2 occupies space, this function makes you refill so exceptional. That is, instead of letting the widget or two shortcuts, you get both functions simultaneously. Another feature is relevant in this application is the ability to customize your colors as you want, leaving one for the background, another hour and a third for the minutes. You can also download some 130 skin to change the look of the Flip Clock xTheme Widget 4x2. While it is easy to configure, has several options and is fully customizable, the great problem of Flip Clock xTheme Widget 4x2 is even in fact be relatively difficult to open the settings menu.Sometimes you have to press several times to get view it properly. In addition, its installation is not automatic, and must add it to the screen manually.

Flip-Clock-xTheme-Widget-4x2-A-Widget-With-Clock,-Weather-Forecast-&-More-[Android]-(5)  Flip-Clock-xTheme-Widget-4x2-A-Widget-With-Clock,-Weather-Forecast-&-More-[Android]-(6)

Since this is a widget, it is not automatically installed on your Android home screen. To add it, you press your finger against an empty space, and on the "Widgets", select "Flip Clock xTheme Widget 4x2". After that, you can place it anywhere on the screen and choose what information it should display, and set programs to run if you play the hours or minutes of the widget.

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