Bridge Constructor: Puzzle Game To Save Your Country By Building Bridges [Android Game]

As much as anyone is prepared, disasters of nature are one of those unfortunate phenomena that take us by surprise. The country now on the v...

Bridge-Constructor-Puzzle-Game-To-Save-Your-Country-By-Building-Bridges-[Android-Game]-(2)As much as anyone is prepared, disasters of nature are one of those unfortunate phenomena that take us by surprise. The country now on the verge of that day. Made up of several islands, the region was devastated by an earthquake that caused all the points that linked the archipelago were destroyed, leaving the population isolated and without access to aid. If you are those people who never saw a practical use for their physics classes, Bridge Constructor will make you review your concepts. He is a different and very interesting to see how theories actually behave in practice, especially when human lives are at risk. Of course, the game brings that much more enjoyable, which makes it all fun. By bringing this simple approach, but without losing his foot in realism, the game becomes incredibly interesting and challenging. Leaving that aside and focusing on the more technical, the game did not disappoint. Thanks to the simplicity of the touchscreen, you only need to draw your bridge so that it appears in front of you. With this, you must create from the most basic even that which will keep everything in place.


The difficulty level is increasing and makes you always want to move to the next level. The look is hardly surprising, but there is no reason for it, since we have only one scenario without too many elements, which means that simplicity is a big advantage. And that's where you go. To prevent people from dying of starvation or without proper medical care, you and your team of engineers, builders and others in charge of the art of construction should unite the fragments of that poor nation.

Bridge-Constructor-Puzzle-Game-To-Save-Your-Country-By-Building-Bridges-[Android-Game]-(3)  Bridge-Constructor-Puzzle-Game-To-Save-Your-Country-By-Building-Bridges-[Android-Game]-(4)

For this, however, not enough to simply put a layer of concrete and think everything is solved. As vehicles, large and small, must pass through the region, you need to invest not only mobility, but also the quality of your work so that another tragedy does not happen. That's exactly the highlight of Bridge Constructor. You must use all their notions of physics and even as a teacher of work to build bridges stable and safe for cars and trucks that pass through without any problem. More than putting asphalt over the hole, you must create a structure to keep it fixed, regardless of weight that goes on top.

Bridge-Constructor-Puzzle-Game-To-Save-Your-Country-By-Building-Bridges-[Android-Game]-(5)  Bridge-Constructor-Puzzle-Game-To-Save-Your-Country-By-Building-Bridges-[Android-Game]-(6)

The challenge becomes more complex every time, since each site has its own characteristics to be explored. Some areas, for example, have the basic points that help create extensive connections without compromising security, while others require a few tricks to keep it standing. In addition, you should always be sensitive to the amount of material available. Your goal is just to do something good without super power or run out of resources at the most important moment.

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