Fix All Types Of USB Related Problems In Your Windows With Official Microsoft USB Fix It

Microsoft Fix It was a program developed back 2009 to protect Microsoft Office users from hacker/malicious attack. Eventually, the applicati...

Fix-All-Types-Of-USB-Related-Problems-In-Your-Windows-With-Official-Microsoft-USB-Fix-It-9Microsoft Fix It was a program developed back 2009 to protect Microsoft Office users from hacker/malicious attack. Eventually, the application has become a central zone for many types of error correction for the entire operating system - through the Internet Explorer, drivers CD and DVD and even for printing. Recently Microsoft has launched a new tool for the solution of USB installation/dictation and working problem for Windows. Microsoft USB Fix It automatically diagnoses and fixes common errors related to computer's USB ports. This software can identify and restore the configuration needed for the correct operation of portable storage devices, printers, music players and other equipment that is connected to PC via USB. It is a simple portable tool to detect USB device problem and then solve it automatically. The scanning procedure and the application of corrections finishes real fast without compromising overall PC performance. Microsoft USB Fix It is an essential program for you to ensure that your USB devices connected to your PC will be recognized and removed safely.

Who uses USB devices very often knows that Windows may display errors. Among the most common problems are the non-recognition of gadgets, problems in time to eject them and failing to send data to print. Microsoft USB Fix It is an essential tool in these situations. It performs a scan on the entire operating system to get the possible problems and then performs the appropriate action to resolve such errors and additional information solutions. It can solve the following problems:

  • USB device is connected properly but USB device is not recognized.
  • USB printer device is installed but printing.
  • USB storage media/device cannot be ejected through the Safely Remove Hardware dialog box.

Those problems generally happens when registry files related to such actions have been corrupted. To solve those problem, Microsoft USB Fix It is probably the best solution out there because it comes from the Microsoft itself.

To get started with Microsoft USB Fix It, download the official downloader first and then open it. Click on Accept to start downloading the file and then install it automatically.


Once the process has finished, it will start the Windows USB Troubleshooter automatically. The application let’s you choose from two different USB Troubleshooter mode. The first one Detect Problems and apply the fixes for me will automatically detect all problems with connected USB device and then takes all actions needed to solve this problem. This option is recommended if you are not so sure about Windows methods. The second one is Detect problems and let me select the fixes to apply and it will do just like the first option except for this time after scanning and detecting problems, it will ask you to choose which fixes you are going to apply. Choose this if you have some basic idea of Windows usage.


If you proceed with the 2nd option, after the scan for problems, USB Fix It will show fixes need to solve the problem in a checklist. You will then need to select which fixes are appropriate for you and then click Next. It might prompt confirmation for some more times depending on the fixes. Once USB Fix It solves problems, it will show notification. You can also select Explore additional solutions online and Get you PC’s support in one place to find out what other solutions are offered by you.


Microsoft USB Fix It is an official tool to troubleshot any types of USB device configuration problems and fix them. This application works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and as well as Windows 8 Consumer Preview on both 32-Bit and 64-Bit version.

Download Microsoft USB Fix It

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