Automatically Check Updates For Drivers & Backup/Restore Selected Drivers With DriverMax For Free

Drivers are applications that make the union between the software (the virtual) and hardware (physical part) of a computer. For example, the...

Automatically-Check-Updates-For-Drivers-&-BackupRestore-Selected-Drivers-With-DriverMax-For-Free-()Drivers are applications that make the union between the software (the virtual) and hardware (physical part) of a computer. For example, the video card driver puts the device up and running with applications that require graphic potential. DriverMax is designed for those who do not want to waste time searching for drivers of their computer components. In general, Windows Vista and Windows 7 recognizes many of the most basic items of hardware such as sound card, network and video card (This feature has been highly improved in Windows 8). However, if you use the computer is too old or is your Windows XP with no service packs installed, in some cases it is necessary to install the drivers manually. Also, some hardware like your mobile phone, digital camera etc. needs an environment to work which is driver. Normally, a CD with the applications is included when purchasing a motherboard or any other items separately. The big problem is when we do not have the CD. In this case, you need to identify the components of the computer and manually download each of the correct drivers, which for some older items is extremely laborious. To assist in the task was created DriverMax, which resolves the issue in most cases.


DriverMax is a lightweight application and it’s User Interface is very well organized into tabs that expand to function groups. All tasks are performed in small guides with intuitive with decently well explained steps. Even less experienced users can have their drivers stored on the machine without losing time to look them up online.


During installation, it will try to install additional AVG Security toolbar and set your homepage to AVS Secure Search. Since it is unnecessary, you can dis-select it by click on Custom installation and then unchecking both options.


If you are going to upgrade your current operating system or changing you machine, backing up all your drivers will save lots of time in the next time. To do so, click on Backup from the bottom part or go to Backup drivers tab. Then whether backup all drivers or select those you want to save a copy of. Then choose the location where you want to save the drivers and finish the process. Remember to save the generated folder to a CD or USB stick, because the files will be key if you want to format the machine or reinstall any component. To retrieve the drivers go to the Restore drivers from backup and point the folder where the files were saved.


Besides the function of backup and recovery of drivers, the DriverMax Web site has a comprehensive database that contains thousands of useful drivers for most common hardware items. To access it you must register from free using the program. After creating an account, you need to validate your email by checking your inbox. Then you will be free to use this feature. This is an alternative of automated driver update, a real hand on the wheel for most cases. With it you do not even need to update your backup data, only need have internet connection to download them. Within a few moments after Driver Agent starts, it starts looking for new versions of drivers for your machine and displays the results onscreen. You can then choose whether to update some of them, download and install on your computer in seconds.




  • Download driver updates
  • Back up your drivers
  • Get detailed reports about each computer component and driver
  • Check for driver updates
  • Get detailed hardware information before purchasing
  • Share your computer's hardware and driver information with your friends

DriverMax is a brilliant freeware tool to update drivers easily as well as to backup and restore them later. DriverMax works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

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