iBooks: Official Apple App To Browse, Download/Purchase eBooks And Read Them On The Go [iPhone]

No need to say that digital books are much better than those printed on paper, it is something that varies for each. But one thing is undeni...

iBooks-Official-Apple-App-To-Browse,-DownloadPurchase-eBooks-And-Read-Them-On-The-Go-[iPhone]-(6)No need to say that digital books are much better than those printed on paper, it is something that varies for each. But one thing is undeniable: thee-books are making the greatest success. Noting the great potential, Apple just released its "Book Store" (book store) and its application called iBooks. When Apple noticed the big "boom" of e-books on various laptops, just put your new iPhone handset as a proposal to read digital books. The application, now available for iPhone, seems excellent and the perfect solution for reading books on the laptop. The interface is excellent and very well done, with everything organized and divided categorically, for the reading to stay quiet and you do not get distracted. The store works great and makes it practical to purchase books. Perhaps reading books on a screen is not a pleasant experience for some, but the fact of the iPhone screen is small certainly does not hurt to read or makes it unpleasant, since everything is well adjusted to the unit. When you open you find a shelf with all the books already purchased by iBooks. You can also view a list or to search if you have many titles and need to see a more organized way. More to read.

iBooks-Official-Apple-App-To-Browse,-DownloadPurchase-eBooks-And-Read-Them-On-The-Go-[iPhone]-(1)  iBooks-Official-Apple-App-To-Browse,-DownloadPurchase-eBooks-And-Read-Them-On-The-Go-[iPhone]-(2)

As the book opens, it covers almost the entire screen and opens normally on the last page you left. At the bottom of the screen you see what page you are and at the top, the title of the book.You also press the screen to open a few extra options that help configure the best reading. Among the options at the top of the screen you can re-access the library or view the index page.You can also adjust the screen brightness by direct application and modify the font size.Alternatively, the page may be yellowish (sepia) instead of white. There is also a magnifying glass icon, which lets you search for words throughout the book. The last button is the bookmark to save favorite locations in a list of the title.

iBooks-Official-Apple-App-To-Browse,-DownloadPurchase-eBooks-And-Read-Them-On-The-Go-[iPhone]-(3) iBooks-Official-Apple-App-To-Browse,-DownloadPurchase-eBooks-And-Read-Them-On-The-Go-[iPhone]-(4) iBooks-Official-Apple-App-To-Browse,-DownloadPurchase-eBooks-And-Read-Them-On-The-Go-[iPhone]-(5)

iBooks now has night mode, which allows the user to read with the lights off in a much more comfortable: the application reverses the colors, leaving the black background and the text white.Moreover, the application also includes a system of notes even more complete, allowing the user to select parts of a text and make comments. On the Home screen iBooks you find a button "Store", which opens the "Book Store". It is quite similar to the App Store, and brings a really big amount of securities to be purchased or downloaded for free.

"Featured" brings those titles that are in the spotlight - because they are new, or sell pretty much expected. "Charts" is where all the books that are in the "Top" as most downloaded, divided into two categories: paid and free. In "Browse" lists all the authors who have books in the store, in alphabetical order and separated by well paid and free. If you want to search for a specific title can use the "Search" button. Have to see which books have been "bought", click "Purchases". When you connect your device and synchronize with your computer, your purchases are in the "Books" from iTunes. You can always download new books and add them to read on the iPhone iBooks when they are in. And EPUB. PDF. The operation is similar to the synchronization of content to the device.

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