iJournal: Create Your Digital Diary To Write Down All Your Thoughts From Anywhere [iPhone]

iJournal is an application for you to make notes on your iPhone or iPad. With it, you can either start a diary, with the activities perform...

iJournal-Create-Your-Digital-Diary-To-Write-Down-All-Your-Thoughts-From-Anywhere-[iPhone]-(1)iJournal is an application for you to make notes on your iPhone or iPad. With it, you can either start a diary, with the activities performed in daily life, as simply write down important ideas or commitments that can not be forgotten. The entries are divided by dates, as if you were using a calendar. iJournal brings a great way for you to take notes without leaving carrying notepads, calendars or post-its. He has a very elegant interface is divided into sectors to facilitate the use of the application. Moreover, the initial screen of the program is optimized for you to find the notes without any problem. The idea of ​​personalization (with photo, name and date), although not an essential function, reinforces the idea of ​​"daily" or "personal notes", breaking the "coolness" of being just another application to be used as a calendar. Likewise, the ability to modify the background and text can make you even have the sensation of writing by hand on a sheet of paper. Moreover, as the application can be password protected, it is guaranteed that whatever you write will be for your eyes only, avoiding falling into the hands of gossips. If you always wanted to build a personal diary or like to take notes constantly, worth test.

iJournal-Create-Your-Digital-Diary-To-Write-Down-All-Your-Thoughts-From-Anywhere-[iPhone]-(2)  iJournal-Create-Your-Digital-Diary-To-Write-Down-All-Your-Thoughts-From-Anywhere-[iPhone]-(3)

A note keeper is essential for anyone who has a busy life and can not miss their appointments. The problem is that the era of smartphones, not always worth opting for a physical model of this notebook. For this, you can always rely on applications like iJournal. Besides a substitute for a conventional schedule, the iJournal can also be used for you to create your journal. Likewise, with it, you no longer need to memorize any ideas you have when you're not near your computer or a notebook, because you can enter them as an entry in the application.

iJournal-Create-Your-Digital-Diary-To-Write-Down-All-Your-Thoughts-From-Anywhere-[iPhone]-(4)  iJournal-Create-Your-Digital-Diary-To-Write-Down-All-Your-Thoughts-From-Anywhere-[iPhone]-(5)

Relying on memory is not always indicated, especially when it comes to essential information.The iJournal, somehow, brings functions of both a notebook and a diary. He has a very elegant interface and can have your custom background, to be even more suited to your style.

To start using the application, first you can customize it with your details (name, age and photo).Then, to create your first entry, press "Add entry". Then, just write freely in space. Just as background, the text style can also be customized according to your personal taste. All your notes are available on the homepage, listed with the date of insertion and entry title.Likewise, the main screen also appears what was the last text you wrote. You can edit and delete any of the notes inserted. To ensure your security, you can password-protect the application.

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