Sys Information: Easily Check Technical Details About Your System & Hardware [Windows]

Sys Information is an amazing application that scans your computer and shows you everything you need to know about some hardware components,...

Sys-Information-Easily-Check-Technical-Details-About-Your-System-&-Hardware-[Windows]-(2)-ThumbSys Information is an amazing application that scans your computer and shows you everything you need to know about some hardware components, and provides details about the installed operating system as well as installed drivers and more on your machine. It is a good and brilliant alternative tool for you to discover a simple information in quick easy steps. Undoubtedly, Sys Information is one of the most complete applications which diagnoses your system and provides useful notes about some components. It goes beyond the diagnosis of hardware as it offers more including a listing of drivers and applications that are installed on the computer with the ability to uninstall the software found. Regarding the results displayed, all have many details, and are mounted in a manner that facilitates interpretation (on the screen and well organized with proper identification). Likewise, the components are separated on the interface by the application guide. The program's interface is well managed with nice Aero Glass effect and has distinct categories, which makes its use simple even for those who never had tried this type of application before. The ability to print a report is also useful because it allows you to better analyze the results for the case you're looking for the solution of a problem on the machine, for example. More to read.

Anyone who has had to check details about the operating system or open the CPU to find data about the hardware know how this activity can be a bit messy and boring. Sys Information helps with these issues, bringing together various information about the components in the machine under a single interface. To get started, download and install it first. Immediately after running the tool, it begins checking the hardware and software on the computer. The procedure is very fast, taking considerably short time to complete. At the end of the process, the program appears and opens on your home screen, with the basic information of the machine.


The application operates from a single screen, divided into sections for ease in finding the desired information. Overview is the first sector, and in it you can see info about the operating system, motherboard, processor, external IP, at which time the machine stays on, the date of the last boot and the use of RAM and processor at that time.


This first tab is intended to show an overview of the computer and did not show much detail. For more information about a particular component, just go to the tab that fits better with the element you are looking for. For example, in Operating System, there is complete information about your OS, including the product key.


The same goes for other tabs called Motherboard, Memory, Processor, Graphic Card and Harddisk, which bring many details about the motherboard, RAM, processor, graphics card and HD (in addition to the drive CD or DVD) in the computer, respectively. In Peripherals, you can get information about the mouse and keyboard are plugged into the machine at the moment.


Hence the tab Installed Drivers shows the name, path, type and start mode of system drivers. Although these are not information used in day to day, may be useful to try to identify malicious software or for those who've always been curious to know what is present on the computer accordingly. No need to say you can find targeted drivers which are not functioning properly to remove it and then reinstall it.


If you want to see what the software installed on the machine, can access the Software tab. From this tab, you can also uninstall a program and see what is starting up with Windows. Finally, Running Process shows all active processes on your computer, which is similar to the Windows Task Manager.


Note that in the upper right corner of the program interface, there is an settings icon. Through it, you can change some aspects of the application screen, and it is possible to obtain a report of the analysis made by the program. Simply choose the components you want included in the list and click Create Report.


Sys Information will then show complete report about your system and let you save it or print it for further analysis.

Sys Information is indeed a useful and brilliant tool to keep an eye over your system easily. It’s really easy to use and the information shown in this tool can be easily understandable even for newbies. Sys Information is a free tool works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Release Preview.

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