Project Glass–Good Or Bad? : 5 Reasons To Fear The Google Glass [Opinion]

Back in June, 2012 when Google registered patent for Google Glass , the whole world gets real curious about what Google is going to do with ...


Back in June, 2012 when Google registered patent for Google Glass, the whole world gets real curious about what Google is going to do with this technology. Few electronic devices called so much attention from the press and consumers as the Google Glass does. The features Google promising with their new “Augmented Reality” technology can be truly revolutionary. And it draws the attention of other companies, which also decided to create their versions of the device. But is all that is promised by Google Glass will be beneficial? Every good thing has a dark side in it and so does Google Glass. You have to think that it also poses problems for consumers and this can be quite harmful. Have you ever stopped to think about what are the risks? Then check out this article where we collected, analyzed and verified opinions of those who think Google Glass can be a security threat.


1. Invasion of Privacy

Now you do need to look far to find some Tumblrs and other sites with images of personal harassment happen in malls and other public places - often with pictures of girls on treadmills and other unauthorized images, they are all around you with the “blessing” of internet and smartphone camera invasion. And if this is already happening with the use of smartphones, imagine how it would be equal to the Google Glass.


The use of this technology could encourage the action of people who like to capture images without permission, it would get much more difficult to review them. In short, Google Glass can be a very powerful weapon for those who like to invade the privacy of others. With great discretion, anyone could even record videos of strangers in embarrassing situations. Thinking a little more in the future, you can easily come up with the fact that the facial recognition systems are surly going to become more powerful. Thus, a person using Google Glass (or similar) could easily find out information about people on the streets. This includes name, address and other data that could be used to blackmail and other scams.

2. Data Safety

For a good hacker, no system is invulnerable. And walk quietly with a couple of glasses of augmented reality can not be the best option for those who want to stay away from attacks. Because the system uses internet connections and Bluetooth, it is possible that the signal is intercepted them and a lot of information to be captured, including images and videos.


You may think that smartphones are the same threat, but there is one very important difference between those two. Smartphones are mostly stays in pocket, which makes the cameras of no use. As with the future glasses technology will always be on your face, attackers can leverage to have direct access to the images captured in real time.

3. Safety of persons

The use of electronic devices is a big distraction. It is for this reason that drivers are not allowed to talk on cell phones while they are driving - in some locations pedestrians are prohibited from even sending SMS. And here we're only talking about sounds and texts. If we think that Google will enable video conferencing and something similar in Google Glass project, then it is a good time to get scared already. Statistics shows that road accidents are the biggest reason behind accidental death all over the world, and now imagine what will happen if drivers start video call while driving!


If there is not much care for users, there are rare cases of accidents caused by distractions - including bumping into people and objects in the streets, even pedestrians walking on foot can be considered too. Not only video calling, this can happen using other applications like games, watching movie, browsing internet.

4. Targeted ads

Google already have their prey eye all over your online world. I am really against Google’s this policy which let’s them access to my personal data I am not likely to share and for this reason I have already left Google Search. With Google Glass, there will be nothing Google don’t’ know about you. You must be already tired of knowing that the products can access Google's online set of navigation information to users. It is the basis on which are shown targeted advertisements that they receive while they are all connected. And if this is already happening with browsers, the possibilities with Google Glass can be even more aggressive.


In addition to GPS location, the camera can also be used to identify preferred products. It is no exaggeration to imagine that, while standing in the supermarket, an owner of Google Glass may be surprised by some product directly to their eyes.

5. Health risks?

Although there is no definite info regarding how harmful can mobile phone and wave transmission be for human health. Still, there are many scientists who believe the waves as responsible for the many recently discovered diseases. Therefore, it is not hard to imagine that Google Glass can offer the same risks as it communicates by Bluetooth and 3G connections.


For this reason, it is no exaggeration to fear that it is bad. This is further enhanced when we think it was planned to be attached to the head all the time - and making the communication very close to the brain. As we yet only emphasize: not know for sure the influence of waves on the disease.

Of course it is still early to say that all this will happen, but none of the possibilities mentioned above is absurd. Now just wait for the arrival of the Google Glass to see if you really need to fear the device.


  1. I am not going to use this, that's for sure... Hate when google try to just spy all over my life

  2. we can use Google glass for our security, no worries. can prevent bribery in government offices.

  3. An amazingly shallow, dramatic, an uninformed article.

    "If we think that Google will enable video conferencing" - so you don't know if this is a functionality, you're just making things up? How about "If we think Blackberry cameras can have x-ray vision..."

    Taking pictures without permission - permission is not required to take photos of places, things and people in public. If you think that it will happen more often with Glass, consider the red record light on the front and the fact that someone has to say "Ok Glass, take a picture".

    I'm sure that the IT folks at Google are much more savvy about the hackability of their device, which is likely to be much safer than your website.

    Speaking of your website, your website has 4 ads. Google Glass has none. That's the pot calling the snowball black.

  4. I think there is no problem with 3. Google Glass will not endanger the road safety, the have already designed a driverless car! Safety of persons is not what is at stake, are the persons themselves.


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