Agent Dash: Guide A Group Of Secret Agents Through A Deadly Yet Funny Race [Android & iPhone Game]

In Agent Dash for Android and iPhone , you encounter an action game in the style of running that puts you in the role of several secret age...

Agent-Dash-Guide-A-Group-Of-Secret-Agents-Through-A-Deadly-Yet-Funny-Race-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(1)In Agent Dash for Android and iPhone, you encounter an action game in the style of running that puts you in the role of several secret agents go there for fun. Its mission is to run quickly through levels filled with obstacles and grab all the diamonds you can. If you're a fan of casual games running style and not release a game with neat graphics and sharp gameplay, Agent Dash has everything needed to amaze and keep you glued to your device for long hours. The work of the company known developer Full Fat brings an impeccable control mechanics based on touch gestures. The scenarios in which the characters have run three levels, facilitating gambling and making room for many objects and barriers. The cartoon-style three-dimensional graphics were very well done, showing a great amount of detail and texture quality. The special effects also attract attention by displaying many particles and realistic lights.


As could be expected, the action is packed with exaggerated melodies reminiscent of James Bond movies. There are also a lot of special effects that represent each beat, and shooting action scene in a clear and realistic. The ability to unlock new secret agents and lots of different scenarios add many points to the game because you can play for long without sick. The integration with major social networks closes the package with a golden key, since you can publish your scores and challenge your friends.

Agent-Dash-Guide-A-Group-Of-Secret-Agents-Through-A-Deadly-Yet-Funny-Race-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(3)  Agent-Dash-Guide-A-Group-Of-Secret-Agents-Through-A-Deadly-Yet-Funny-Race-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(6)

To move the protagonist, who automatically advanced, intuitive touch gestures you use, as sliding your finger to the right, left or up. In some stretches may also be necessary to use their weapons and shoot. Simply touch quickly in any corner of the screen. Each phase brings increasing distances, more obstacles and hazards for you to dodge, leaving the more complicated gambling. The more challenges you overcome, more secret agents are unlocked.


  • Brilliant gameplay.
  • Precise controls.
  • Well finished graphics.
  • Funny soundtracks.


  • Feels like inspired from Temple Run.

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