Run Like Hell!: Run For Your Lives To Escape From A Tribe Of Hungry Cannibals [Android & iPhone Game]

Run Like Hell! is a game that will not leave you bored in no time. In it, all the attention and agility may not be enough, since the game is...

Run-Like-Hell!-Run-For-Your-Lives-To-Escape-From-A-Tribe-Of-Hungry-Cannibals-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(2)Run Like Hell! is a game that will not leave you bored in no time. In it, all the attention and agility may not be enough, since the game is very dynamic and fast. Here, regardless of location, you always chased by a tribe of cannibals hungry, eager to put you at the stake. Run Like Hell! is one of those games for Android and iPhone that can make you addicted. With several stages and canaries, he certainly deserves quite outstanding among other more casual game in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. The play can be a great hobby for those moments of boredom, since the game will wake you with all his speed. What else stimulates the Run Like Hell! is the challenge: it is not easy to run without stumbling everywhere and whenever you are starting a new game, the obstacles are moved around. That is, each new game is totally different from the previous one. In addition, it also has a very lively soundtrack and realistic sounds at times when the character runs or takes tumbles. But if you're still not convinced to download Run Like Hell!, Know that your free version has almost all the tools of pay. So you can have great fun without spending anything.


There are three game modes available in the paid version and two free. In "Endless" you have several scenarios that will be unlocked as your success in the previous phase. In "Time Trials", the race is told time and you should run as fast as you can. In the second option you just run alone, without being persecuted.

Run-Like-Hell!-Run-For-Your-Lives-To-Escape-From-A-Tribe-Of-Hungry-Cannibals-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(4)  Run-Like-Hell!-Run-For-Your-Lives-To-Escape-From-A-Tribe-Of-Hungry-Cannibals-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(5)

In game mode "Endless" your only goal is to run the cannibals, who are at his heels. All areas are full of pitfalls, suspended or floor. You must jump and climb on the rocks at each obstacle.Otherwise, the character stumbles and falls, giving more chances to reach the natives.

Some special items also appear along the way, all with the goal of increasing the distance between hunting and hunter, giving more chances of survival you. In Run Like Hell! bit carefully: if you reach the cannibals the joke ends and you need to start the journey.

Run-Like-Hell!-Run-For-Your-Lives-To-Escape-From-A-Tribe-Of-Hungry-Cannibals-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(6)  Run-Like-Hell!-Run-For-Your-Lives-To-Escape-From-A-Tribe-Of-Hungry-Cannibals-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(7)

Check out the video demo below:


  • Entertaining gameplay.
  • Good quality graphics.
  • Cool soundtrack.
  • Free version is almost equal to paid version.


  • None yet!

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