Basketball Mania: Throw The Basketball And Put It In The Net To Get More Point [Android Game]

Basketball Mania is a game made as to who is a fan of basketball. Here, you have a game and in a manner totally addictive casual games, alth...

Basketball-Mania-Throw-The-Basketball-And-Put-It-In-The-Net-To-Get-More-Point-[Android-Game]-(1)Basketball Mania is a game made as to who is a fan of basketball. Here, you have a game and in a manner totally addictive casual games, although it requires the accumulation of points throughout the games. Basketball Mania is even a game that deserves mention: it's fun, and totally free with unobtrusive ads at the bottom of the screen that appear only in the intervals between one game and another. The feature that most pleases the Basketball Mania is the style of game that is totally casual, but at the same time appreciates the achievements of the player reward good games with tickets used to make new scenarios in the game. The interface of Basketball Mania combines a lot with the proposal of the game and brings color images formed by simple illustrations and fun. The sounds complement the gambling, making you feel inside play. The physics simulation game is very good. The ball hardly makes a path or have a reaction to touching the table very different from what happens in reality. However, undermining the very Basketball Mania is the look of the game: the ball does not have shadows or lighting to show the movement and distance of moves. This gives the impression that the ball is not responding as well to commands, although she is walking the path correctly. It also undermines the sense of total control of the ball, but not enough to invalidate the Basketball Mania, which is a totally addictive game.


Your mission is to score maximum points in an environment similar to toys arcade, you only has some balls and a basket within a limited space. Before you begin, choose the theme of the game. There are five options, but only the first is unlocked. After starting the theme "Arcade", you need to earn points in the game tickets. With them, new scenarios can be enabled.

The controls are simple: just select one of the four balls in the bottom of the screen and drag your finger to the top of the display. So you throw the ball in the desired direction and can control the intensity of the bid to make the basket. If overdo the strength, the ball hits the table and back. The vibration of the device helps you realize when the ball touches the table or the rim, however, that does not mean it will get your ball out. Everything depends on how the ball touched the items.Basketball Mania always gives a goal to be overcome. By hitting that number of points, you move to the next stage of the game.

Basketball-Mania-Throw-The-Basketball-And-Put-It-In-The-Net-To-Get-More-Point-[Android-Game]-(2) Basketball-Mania-Throw-The-Basketball-And-Put-It-In-The-Net-To-Get-More-Point-[Android-Game]-(3) Basketball-Mania-Throw-The-Basketball-And-Put-It-In-The-Net-To-Get-More-Point-[Android-Game]-(4)

If you can not achieve the required points you back to the beginning of the challenge. Phases do not accumulate, keeping the characteristics of casual app. However, as you progress from stage, Basketball Mania gets harder even going to move the table to make the game more intense.


  • Five unique skins: choose your favorite themed environment.
  • Great game sound effects & music.
  • Redemption ticket payout feature.
  • Side to side basket movement for challenging play.


  • Very addicting game.
  • Great physical simulation.
  • Brilliant sound quality.
  • Controls with good response.


  • Graphics can be more attractive.
  • The lack of shadows and reflections makes it hard to judge.

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