Winamp: The Famous Windows Media Player Made It’s Way To Android With Ultimate Features [Android]

For those who wanted an alternative to well known players developed for Android as default one or Poweramp, Winamp can be the perfect choice...

Winamp-The-Famous-Windows-Media-Player-Made-It’s-Way-To-Android-With-Ultimate-Features-[Android]-(1)For those who wanted an alternative to well known players developed for Android as default one or Poweramp, Winamp can be the perfect choice for them. The Nullsoft, developer of famous desktop player Winamp, put their Android version on the Google Play Store available to anyone. The software has an intuitive interface for users of Android, with a slider where it gets the name and duration of the music being played at the moment. Winamp has always been a favorite of many players on the desktop, and the Android version has everything to become the official music player on your phone too. The functions are very well distributed, the visuals are beautiful and uses the same Android system bar to navigate between windows - something very welcome. The program is very well finished and has no apparent errors, but still not back to familiar features of the desktop player that are already present in many competitors as equalizer and streaming audio directly from your computer. However, it is expected that these functions can be added over time, making Winamp for Android even better. Sliding the bar with the name of the song up the user is actually presented to the player with album cover and ID3 tag information of the audio file regarding the artist and album. There is also a button that takes the user directly to a list of other songs from the same album that's playing, and that leads to many other albums by the same artist of the current song.


There are also two extra buttons: Shuffle and Repeat (shuffle and repeat mode.) The snooze button follows the same pattern as the desktop player. Clicking it once the user makes the song list was completed after restart. Clicking again will play the current song looped endlessly. Although this screen there is a slider that allows the user to fast forward or rewind to a specific point of the current song.

The "thunder" which is the icon for desktop application is available on all screens of Winamp for Android too, and works as menu button to access the songs on the mobile version. By clicking on it you can view your songs separated by artist, album, individual songs, playlists assembled, historical media playback and a search button for users with many songs that can not be located! There is also a button to the current playlist, where you can view the next song and previous song, and remove and add some music from their playlists.

Winamp-The-Famous-Windows-Media-Player-Made-It’s-Way-To-Android-With-Ultimate-Features-[Android]-(7) Winamp-The-Famous-Windows-Media-Player-Made-It’s-Way-To-Android-With-Ultimate-Features-[Android]-(8) Winamp-The-Famous-Windows-Media-Player-Made-It’s-Way-To-Android-With-Ultimate-Features-[Android]-(10)

With a long press on any song in the playlist you are presented with a menu with the options listed, and an innovative feature: In Firefox, you can browse music using a variety of applications installed on your Android browser and as YouTube. This way it is easier to find the clip that you like banda or the biography of an unknown actor. There is also a wireless sync function, which lets your audio library of Winamp on your computer sync to your smartphone. Thus it becomes easier even download new songs to your device, and without having to connect cables to make the exchange of files.

Check out the video demo below:

Download Winamp For Android


  1. The winamp already has a history in the world of players. In the mobile version promises to make his mark. The function of synchronizing bibliotaca is very useful (though not allow playing music from your smartphone to your PC, just the opposite). In future updates, would implement the search not only for information but for lyrics tb.

  2. Man! do you have any idea about what you are saying?


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