Cut the Rope: Experiments Free–The Next Of Famous & Addicting Cut The Rope Game [Android Game]

If you're already a fan of Cut The Rope , will be delighted with Cut the Rope: Experiments. In this game, you have once again the task o...

Cut-the-Rope-Experiments-Free–The-Next-Of-Famous-&-Addicting-Cut-The-Rope-Game-[Android-Game]-(2)If you're already a fan of Cut The Rope, will be delighted with Cut the Rope: Experiments. In this game, you have once again the task of feeding the mysterious animal that came from space, however, here are 75 more to complete challenges you to have fun. The Cut the Rope: Experiments perfectly follows the line of Cut the Rope . The system of the game is the same, but with even more stages much fun for you to meet each challenge with all the experience gained in the first game. The game is fairly complete, the look of the game was very well produced and it has illustrations with high image quality, and a playful interface that will please both the short ones, as the most addicting one. The sounds of Cut the Rope: Experiments also very pleasing, because they are always a response to what happens in the game. Especially at the end of each stage, when the instructor indicates if your work was well done or not. More to read.


Its mission is to bring candy into the mouth of the monster and, therefore, abuse of screen taps and cut all the ropes that hold the candy, but be careful not to lose the food. If this happens, the animal is sad and starting anew. Along the way, you must hunt stars that give more points for you, ensuring the passage to the next stage with praise. If you can not capture all the stars in one step, you can go back and start the challenge, earning more points if you can finish it in a short period of time.

Cut-the-Rope-Experiments-Free–The-Next-Of-Famous-&-Addicting-Cut-The-Rope-Game-[Android-Game]-(3) Cut-the-Rope-Experiments-Free–The-Next-Of-Famous-&-Addicting-Cut-The-Rope-Game-[Android-Game]-(4) Cut-the-Rope-Experiments-Free–The-Next-Of-Famous-&-Addicting-Cut-The-Rope-Game-[Android-Game]-(5)

In some stages, you will find other tools that help you do well in the game, like air pumps, which help you to change the path of candy or bubbles, which cause the food lift flight. The Cut the Rope: Experiments has three main levels, and, within each, 25 stages waiting to be unveiled. Here, the most important is the rationale and strategy for you to complete the challenge in the best way possible, in the shortest time.

Cut-the-Rope-Experiments-Free–The-Next-Of-Famous-&-Addicting-Cut-The-Rope-Game-[Android-Game]-(6) Cut-the-Rope-Experiments-Free–The-Next-Of-Famous-&-Addicting-Cut-The-Rope-Game-[Android-Game]-(7) Cut-the-Rope-Experiments-Free–The-Next-Of-Famous-&-Addicting-Cut-The-Rope-Game-[Android-Game]-(8)

Check out the video demo below:


  • Very addicting game.
  • Several stages to play.
  • Virtual Instructor.
  • Amazing images and sound quality.


  • Free version doesn’t have 25 stages.

Download Cut the Rope: Experiments Free For Android

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