Puran Utilities: All In One Tool For System Optimization & Hard-Disc Maintenance [Windows]

Puran Utilities for Windows is an application that includes a large set of tools for the maintenance and management of your computer. This ...

Puran-Utilities-All-In-One-Tool-For-System-Optimization-&-Hard-Disc-Maintenance-[Windows]-(1)Puran Utilities for Windows is an application that includes a large set of tools for the maintenance and management of your computer. This tool has a good collection of feature for computer maintenance, especially because it groups several essential tools in a single interface. Even this is one of its great advantages, because as you can find all the necessary functions in the same place, it becomes easier to perform a complete optimization. The program interface is also noteworthy, since all applications are in the form of a button and can easily be understand and used. It has no hidden menus or tools, just a few buttons at the bottom of the screen that brings functions grouped (as maintenance at a click) for quick setup. All procedures are easy to do, because usually all you need to do is select (batch) which partition to be analyzed and the action you want to take. Maintaining in a click is a good service by being guided, but could be better if it were executed automatically by the program. Still, Puran Utilities is a great option for anyone looking to keep computer optimized and always organized. More to read.


Although modern computers are now better prepared for constant use, still, checking and optimizing the hard drive from time to time is essential. By doing, you can avoid slowdowns and crashes. To help you, you can count on Puran Utilities. Basically, the program includes a set of functions that although they are present in Windows, usually stay in separate sectors or hidden in the system menu. With it, you can have these tools at hand and all in one place.


Although the application uses some the built-on functions in Windows, it has its own version of these applications. When you open the program, you may notice that it presents a single interface, containing a series of icons relating to the functions available in it. To open any of the tools, all you need to do is double-click on it. The operation is a little different as the chosen function, but, in most cases, all you need to do is choose where you want to use the tool. Many of the functions perform an analysis to ascertain the condition of the disc drive, folder or file and offer the solution right away. The application has tools to check the disk for errors, uninstall applications, manage startup, manage services, clean Hard Disc, delete empty folders, fix shortcuts, find duplicate files, recover data, permanently delete documents, defragmenter, registry cleaner and many others.



The application also includes a Maintenance Wizard, which can be opened via the "Maintenance Wizard" button from the bottom of the UI. This makes the Puran Utilities start a list of services that it considers most essential to organize your hard drive (check the HD for errors, uninstall programs, manage the startup clean the disk, delete empty folders, etc.). The tools are executed in order, but it is a completely automatic yet custom procedure, because the person still needs to choose the options and processes to be executed.


  • Friendly interface.
  • Functions in a few clicks.
  • Organized and intuitive window.
  • Quick procedures.
  • Effective sets of tools.


  • Maintenance is not fully automatic
  • UI isn’t attractive.

Puran Utilities is indeed a complete set of all important tools Windows system maintenance under one window. This is a complete freeware tool works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Release Preview.

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