Wise Game Booster: One Click Instant Boost To Enter Gaming Mode By Releasing Unnecessary RAM & CPU Consumption [Windows]

If you are a power gamer, a “Quick Boost” before running a game can be an effective choice for you. While playing a game, you probably not ...

Wise-Game-Booster-One-Click-Instant-Boost-To-Enter-Gaming-Mode-By-Releasing-Unnecessary-RAM-&-CPU-Consumption-[Windows]-()If you are a power gamer, a “Quick Boost” before running a game can be an effective choice for you. While playing a game, you probably not going to need some background apps running, several services and miscellaneous tools and closing them before starting to play a game will make your gaming experience smoother. From the same developer of our previously featured free registry cleaner called Wise Registry Cleaner, Wise Game Booster is a program that has many tools to accelerate the performance of your system focusing on gaming mode. Wise Game Booster proved to be a very useful tool for hardcore gamers and wanting to get the maximum performance when running games. The program has a very beautiful interface, with a modern, attractive and well organized UI with its interactive menus and buttons. Moreover, the application showed a low consumption of computer resources - as one would expect for a software of this kind. Thus, it can even be used on system with poor resource without creating crashes. During our review, we lack a system to uninstall the games you've already completed or no longer want to play. The result of Wise Game Booster optimization is noticeable. In our case, the performance improvement was subtle, but the optimization should be more noticeable in computers with poor resource. More to read.

While running the computer (even during the boot), Windows just opens a series of processes and tasks that are not really that important operation, causing unnecessary consumption of hardware components. This application offers features that identify and contain these unimportant activities. This tool makes your RAM and processor less burdened to run games more efficiently. The best part is you can optimize the entire system with a single click.


To get started, just download and install the tool (freeware). By the end of installation, it will ask you to download other freeware tools from WiseCleaner. Since those are not necessary to run Wise Game Booster, you can skip this step by unchecking Download more free software now option.


The operation of the Wise Game Booster is quite simple. In its main window, you have access to four sections of the program. In the first one, My Games, you can check out all the games installed on your computer. If a game has not been identified automatically, you can manually add them finding their executable files (EXE file). The graphic indicator located at the bottom of the interface shows the current status of your system and the total number of issues. You can check the details of each of these supposed problems navigating through the available tabs at the top of the window. Or you can just click on Optimize All to fix all issues in one click,.


The other tabs will show individual resolvable issues categorized in three types. If you want to have more control over optimization instead of once click optimize all, just follow the tabs and fix each issue individually.


  • Beautiful and organized interface.
  • Easy functionality.
  • Low consumption of computer resources.
  • One click optimization mode.
  • Alternative individual optimization option.


  • Should have built-in feature to uninstall games.
  • Scanning for game feature can be improved.

Wise Game Booster is an effective tool to instantly give a Quick Boost in your system performance for much better gaming experience. This is a freeware tool works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Release Preview.

Download Wise Game Booster

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