Fishing Joy: Really Addicting Mobile Game To Fish Across 15 Varied Fishes [Android & iPhone Game]

Fishing Joy is an Android and iPhone   game that will take players to the deep sea to witness the underwater wonders. The initial proposal...

Fishing-Joy-Really-Addicting-Mobile-Game-To-Fish-Across-15-Varied-Fishes-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(2)Fishing Joy is an Android and iPhone game that will take players to the deep sea to witness the underwater wonders. The initial proposal of the little game is a little strange: use a cannon that shoots a spider web, to hold the largest number of species of fish as possible. Fishing Joy is an application that is a kind of spear fishing. The seabed, incidentally, is a place that portrays the little game with tremendous visual quality with corals and anemones filling colors seabed. The sense of depth is very good, with the fish moving across the floor area of ​​the screen of your device. The lighting features are brilliantly crafted, which provides an incredible visual depth difference.For those who had already dived or some other marine submersion experience will certainly be a rewarding experience to look at this game while listening to calm soundtrack. Each of marine species is portrayed with extreme fidelity and very whim. From tiny fish, such as the famous clownfish, can be seen in detail on the scales and reliable way to swim.


Now, the gameplay of Fishing Joy is a little confusing. It takes so much for you to discover the right relationship of power that should be used to kind of sort that you may give up before I could find it. Apart from that, the response of the controls is excellent, and the handling of the fish does not lock when you turn the cannon. Anyway, Fishing Joy game is, as its full title mentions, an app that can be acquired at no cost to the owner of the iOS. Even if the gameplay is not the best, the game is very worthwhile, if only to give an admired in their graphic qualities. It's worth.

Fishing-Joy-Really-Addicting-Mobile-Game-To-Fish-Across-15-Varied-Fishes-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(3)  Fishing-Joy-Really-Addicting-Mobile-Game-To-Fish-Across-15-Varied-Fishes-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(4)

Noting this unconventional premise, you need to adjust the strength of the gun depending on the type of fish that you catch. For larger, more power will be required, whereas for smaller, it is necessary to use the gun only in minimal force.

There are also creatures that can not be captured, indicating that Fishing Joy is also concerned with the survival of aquatic fauna. Sharks, turtles fiends and not only can not be captured, as the passage of each of your shots will prevent that is to take effect in behind them. Take the opportunity to check out the high-tech lighting and graphics on the screen of your iOS and Android.


  • Visually brilliant.
  • Calming soundtrack.


  • Gameplay somehow confusing.

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