Run Roo Run: Hop Across The Australian Territory And Rescue Your Puppy [iPhone Game]

In Run Roo Run for iPhone , you play the role of a mother kangaroo who must travel across Australia in search of her kidnapped baby. For thi...

Run-Roo-Run-Hop-Across-The-Australian-Territory-And-Rescue-Your-Puppy-[iPhone-Game]-(1)In Run Roo Run for iPhone, you play the role of a mother kangaroo who must travel across Australia in search of her kidnapped baby. For this you must use acrobatic skills to jump obstacles that include wells filled with water, thorns and bonfires, scattered scenarios that represent the entire Australian outback.  Roo Run Run brings together all the elements needed to make a portable game environment: nice graphics, a gameplay system easy to master and phases that present challenges quite varied. Despite only have a single action, the game has enough variety to make you hardly Marie him. One of the main highlights are the title phases with extreme difficulty, in which one must show enough skill to survive. If you are those who like to always get the best possible score at any time you can return the overdue steps to improve your reflexes.

Run-Roo-Run-Hop-Across-The-Australian-Territory-And-Rescue-Your-Puppy-[iPhone-Game]-(3)  Run-Roo-Run-Hop-Across-The-Australian-Territory-And-Rescue-Your-Puppy-[iPhone-Game]-(4)

What bothers me is the fact that, despite having 400 scenarios, the game is over quite quickly. Thus, it is not difficult to see leaving the game simply because there is no longer anything new to do it. To trigger the command of the protagonist jump, just tap any location of the screen. The secret to survival is to know the exact time to perform each of the jumps needed to progress - if your character dies, you must return to the beginning of the stage and redo all the challenges that have already been completed to date.

Run-Roo-Run-Hop-Across-The-Australian-Territory-And-Rescue-Your-Puppy-[iPhone-Game]-(5)  Run-Roo-Run-Hop-Across-The-Australian-Territory-And-Rescue-Your-Puppy-[iPhone-Game]-(6)

In all, the game has 20 chapters divided into 15 stages with traps and six basic stages with extreme difficulty, where all your skills will be tested to the maximum. Anytime adventure can disrupt your progress and return to previous scenarios if you want to relive some emotion or intends to increase the score.

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