SkyDrive: The Official Client Of Microsoft’s Cloud Service For Android Has Arrived In Play Store [Android]

SkyDrive is a Microsoft service that works along the lines of Google Drive and Dropbox. It is a kind of Cloud Service, which offers up to 7...

SkyDrive-The-Official-Client-Of-Microsoft’s-Cloud-Service-For-Android-Has-Arrived-In-Play-Store-[Android]-(2)SkyDrive is a Microsoft service that works along the lines of Google Drive and Dropbox. It is a kind of Cloud Service, which offers up to 7 GB of free memory - expandable up to 25 GB. SkyDrive is an alternative service for those who want more free virtual space and can no longer count on the Google Drive or Dropbox or similar services. Its operation is similar and you can use up to 7 GB of memory in the cloud. Lately, but finally its official app has come to Play Store. The UI is very modern with Windows 8 UI inspired (Metro Typo) design and totally interactive menu, following the same design line of Windows Phone. It is not necessary to perform any kind of registration. Just use your MSN e-mail to login and start using the service. The process is fast and the speed during both to access menus and to download and upload files is good too - which is one of its highlights.


You can change the display mode of content available, opting for a list or icons. This is ideal if you have many files and folders, for the second option allows you to see an even greater number of options on the screen. SkyDrive supports sending multiple files at once (provided they are in the same folder) and access third-party documents shared with you. The only thing that did not sit well in our analysis was the inability to change the privacy of a file via the app.

SkyDrive-The-Official-Client-Of-Microsoft’s-Cloud-Service-For-Android-Has-Arrived-In-Play-Store-[Android]-(3)  SkyDrive-The-Official-Client-Of-Microsoft’s-Cloud-Service-For-Android-Has-Arrived-In-Play-Store-[Android]-(4)

Overall, SkyDrive app is a complete and functional. Who uses the service Microsoft will certainly be satisfied with the performance of their official app for Google's mobile operating system. Now comes to your Android official app for you to access files and upload items synchronized. The first step is to enter your Microsoft account - the same Windows Live. You can create folders to make their files more organized and download all content available. The look is clean and organized, based on the standards of the mobile operating system from Microsoft.

SkyDrive-The-Official-Client-Of-Microsoft’s-Cloud-Service-For-Android-Has-Arrived-In-Play-Store-[Android]-(5)  SkyDrive-The-Official-Client-Of-Microsoft’s-Cloud-Service-For-Android-Has-Arrived-In-Play-Store-[Android]-(6)

Check out the video demo below:


  • Beautiful UI with modern design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Accesses shared documents.
  • Fast uploading and downloading speed.


  • You can not change the privacy of files through the app.
  • Doesn't support for older Android version (Cupcake, Eclair, Froyo not supported).

SkyDrive is another great service for Cloud Storing and Sharing. The Android app for this service has come lately but has almost all features it should include. SkyDrive works on Android 2.3 or later and is available for free on Google Play Store.

Download SkyDrive For Android

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