Fotor For Android: iPhone Camera App Arrives In The Play Store With Quality Effects, Filters, Frames & HDR Feature [Android]

There are hundreds of applications to capture pictures in Play Store , but it is rare to find an option that really deserves attention. Foto...

Fotor-For-Android-iPhone-Camera-App-Arrives-In-The-Play-Store-With-Quality-Effects,-Filters,-Frames-&-HDR-Feature-[Android]-(1)There are hundreds of applications to capture pictures in Play Store , but it is rare to find an option that really deserves attention. Fotor for Android is one of those publishers that draw attention. You have four basic options: Camera, HDR, Edit and Collage. You can capture a new image, or select a file in the Android gallery to add effects easily. The app has amazing looks with high definition images, very few elements and elegance. The transition effects give the final touch and, despite being a free app, you will not suffer from annoying banner ads. The app UI is very efficient, and you will find all the tools available very easily. Each one brings an icon illustrative, which makes life easier for anyone. The editing options are very good with quality effects and FXs. Besides having a system for automatic image enhancement, you have several quality filters, which resemble the options available in Instagram. Furthermore, you get a wide variety of edges, four different levels of blur, various text balloons to complement the image and editing options nine basic as contrast and saturation of image. More to read.

Fotor-For-Android-iPhone-Camera-App-Arrives-In-The-Play-Store-With-Quality-Effects,-Filters,-Frames-&-HDR-Feature-[Android]-(2)  Fotor-For-Android-iPhone-Camera-App-Arrives-In-The-Play-Store-With-Quality-Effects,-Filters,-Frames-&-HDR-Feature-[Android]-(3)

The HDR function not only tries to mimic the effect of hyper-reality, but capturing two photos with different exposures to merge the files later. This ensures a more natural and interesting, you can even work then (Although we had some trouble with HDR-capturing during our test).Finally, we have the mounts, unique aspects that deserve mention. The first problem is that if you want to choose different pictures folder, the process can be more enhanced. Sharing features in Fotor for Android is also good and this can be done through Flickr, Twitter and Facebook. In our test, we lack a direct connection with the Instagram, besides questioning the creation of a new album on Facebook for exclusive pictures of the application.

Fotor-For-Android-iPhone-Camera-App-Arrives-In-The-Play-Store-With-Quality-Effects,-Filters,-Frames-&-HDR-Feature-[Android]-(5)  Fotor-For-Android-iPhone-Camera-App-Arrives-In-The-Play-Store-With-Quality-Effects,-Filters,-Frames-&-HDR-Feature-[Android]-(6)

Fotor is already a well-known photography tool for iPhone users and very recently they have launched their Android version on the Play Store. Although it’s their first attempt in Play Store, the application looks quite complete already. It has some cool effects, frames, enhancement feature, not many though. But even these details can make the application so beautiful and complete. Their tools have quality, the app saves images in high definition and process is pretty handy. Fotor for Android is a great download for those who like to play with photos on their gadget.

In editing option you will find color filters, cut and image rotation, color edges to add, blur effect, text and even basic options - such as brightness, contrast, saturation, among others. The HDR Fotor for Android is not just a simulation of the effect, because the application makes capturing two images and merge files - one for high and one low exposure. The result is beautiful and can be edited to get even better. And finally, you can place up to nine images in one file, creating beautiful montages very practical.You select the photos and then choose between the different frames and strips that the application provides.


  • Beautiful and well-organized UI.
  • Several interesting tools.
  • Saves images in High Quality.
  • Useful Big Aperture feature.
  • Uses less resource while applying filters.


    • HDR capture needs to be improved.
    • Sharing feature is incomplete without Instagram.

    Fotor for Android is a great app for anyone who loves to photograph and publish pictures via smartphone or tablet. It works on Android 2.2 or later and is available for free in Google Play Store.

    Download Fotor For Android

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